Pet adoption is an extremely rewarding experience akin to adding a new member to your family. However, adopting a dog comes with many responsibilities and should not be done without considering whether or not you are ready. The first thing to consider is the financial obligation you are making. You will have to provide pet food on a regular basis and must be able to afford regular trips to the veterinarian. Your dog should not be seen as just some collectable that you like having around. It is a living creature and is completely dependent on you and what you can provide. This means that it will require not only a financial commitment, but a personal commitment to bring it into your home and make it a member of your family. It is recommended to talk to a vet or a pet adoption service before you adopt in order to ensure that you are ready for the addition to your family. When done properly, adopting a dog can bring untold joy into your life.

What dog breed is best for me

With well over 300 breeds to choose from, picking the right breed can be a challenging issue. The first thing to consider is of course size. Smaller dogs will eat less and take up less room in your home. Whereas larger dogs will eat more and require much more space. You should also consider how much exercise and attention your dog will need. Some dogs tend to become destructive if they don't have enough exercise on a regular basis. Beyond that, the right dog breed for you is purely based on personal preference.

Do I have to get my dog neutered?

The short answer is simply yes. The only reason not to get your dog neutered is if you are a licensed dog breeder. Neutering your dog will ensure that you will not be surprised with a litter of puppies that will have to be dealt with. Neutering can also curb the more aggressive tendencies of some breeds, making them safer and more predictable.

Can I bring my dog back to the shelter if things don't work out?

Adopting a dog should never be done on a whim. Because every dog has a unique personality, it is essential that you spend a little time with it before you make the commitment to adopt. But in the end there are times where it simply does not work out. While it is always an unfortunate situation, most shelters will take dogs back due to the fact that their priority is to find the best home for their animals.

Can I bring my new dog home right away?

This will depend if your new dog has been neutered or received all of its required vaccinations. If these still need to be done, you might have to wait up to a week to bring your new dog home.