Audio subscription services are becoming increasingly popular over the years. Due to the mobile life that most people live, being able to listen to audiobooks while on the go has become a huge benefit. There are a variety of different audio subscription services that each offer their own unique array of benefits. From hot new books to extensive libraries of older products, there are many differences between the top audiobook subscription services. Before signing up for a service, interested shoppers should make sure to learn some key information. Found below are eight key questions that everyone should ask themselves before signing up for an audiobook service.

What should I look for when trying out audiobook subscription services?

There are a wide variety of different audiobook subscription services available. For the most part, these services are going to be pretty similar. With that said, keep an eye out for services that offer a free trial service. Right now, subscribers to will get their first book free with their free trial.

If I like, how much is a membership?

For users that find their free trial experience at AudioBooks rewarding, an upgraded subscription costs only $14.95/month. This monthly subscription service comes with one free audiobook every single month.

What audiobook subscription service has the biggest library?

Having the newest eBooks available is a HUGE benefit. At Audible, the subscription service from Amazon, there are almost 500,000 total products available! New books like 'Becoming' by Michelle Obama or 'Girl, Stop Apologizing' by Rachel Hollis are available right on the front page. A 30-day free trial provides users with access to any single audiobook that they want.

What does Audible do better than other subscription services?

What makes Audible special is that this subscription service offers way more content for subscribers. For $14.95/month, subscribers get access to one audiobook and two Audible Originals every single month. That's not a bad deal at all! Audible has pretty much everything that has ever been released via audiobook, even fringe sci-fi like 'Galaxy Outlaws: The Complete Black Ocean Mobius Missions' for $29.95, or free with a subscription.

Are there more affordable audiobook subscription services?

While Audible and are both moderately priced, they are on the high end of the subscription model. Kobo is a great and more affordable alternative for budget-minded subscribers. Kobo costs just $9.99/month. While Kobo is significantly cheaper, Kobo still manages to showcase a similar library when compared to the other top subscription services.

What all comes with a Kobo subscription?

Kobo works a little differently than the other subscription models. A Kobo account comes with one credit per month which can be used on ANY audiobook in their library. Kobo users can also purchase additional credits. Instead of paying $24.99 for 'Pet Sematary' by Stephen King, subscribers can opt to make it their free book for the month!

What happens to my audiobooks if I cancel my Kobo account?

Never fear! Kobo lets their users keep all audiobooks purchased during their membership. If someone decides to cancel their account after just two months, they get to keep the two books that they downloaded. A user's entire Kobo library will be available forever, for free.

What audiobook subscription services work with mobile phones?

Thankfully, Audible, AudioBooks, and Kobo are all mobile-phone friendly. Users can merely head to the Android or iOS store in order to learn more details about the available applications. Users of any of these three services will be able to access their audiobooks and eBooks with relative ease.