If you’ve been searching for the best headphones for your new iPhone 8 or Galaxy Note 8, Beats by Dre are your best bet. Offering exceptional sound quality, they will make all your favorite music and calls to friends and family sound a heck of a lot better. Beats headphones are ideal for immersing yourself in your entertainment, whether you are listening to music or watching videos. Calls will sound crystal-clear so you can easily hear the person on the other line. Beats by Dre also possess a number of features that separate them from your typical smartphone headphones. And right now, you can get some at a shockingly affordable price thanks to some limited time promotions now available. If you are looking for the perfect headphones, ask these questions about Beats by Dre.

Do I need a special accessory to get headphones to work with my smartphone?

Beats headphones require no special accessories or peripherals to work with smartphones like the iPhone 8 or the Galaxy Note 8. Beats are designed to work with the latest smartphones on the market. They are especially perfect for the iPhone 8 and Galaxy Note 8 because they work best with their features and tech.

Are Beats wireless?

Beats headphones are entirely wireless. There are absolutely no plugs involved. Beats headphones can be easily connected via Bluetooth for your convenience. This makes them perfect for taking to the gym, taking a jog or even just cleaning around the house.

How long do beats headphones last on a charge?

Beats headphones depending on the particular ones you buy can provide up to 40 hours on a single charge. Their earphones can provide up to 12 hours on a single charge. With just 5 minutes of charging, you can allow for up to 1 hour of use, so they charge incredibly fast.

Are there noise-canceling headphones available?

The Beats Studio3 headphones offer noise-cancelling abilities that make them perfect for taking on a plane or relaxing around the house. Enjoy music or watch videos without any outside noise to interrupt what you are doing.

Are Beats headphones comfortable?

Beats headphones are unbelievably comfortable. The ear inserts can be easily switched out to fit any ear comfortably. The PowerBeats headphones can be comfortable secured around the ear via ear hooks, so they don’t slip out. Their noise canceling headphones fit over the ear for exceptional comfort.

Can I use them for voice commands?

Some Beats model headphones can be used for voice commands using Google or Siri. You can use voice commands to make calls, browse settings or control your favorite music. With Beats headphones, you’ll have complete control over your iPhone 8 or Galaxy Note 8.

Which products are being discounted?

A number of different Beats products are now being offered at a discount, so you can save big on their best products. Headphones like the Beats EP, urBeats and Beats Pill+ are offered for as low as $79. Other headphones such as the Beats Solo3, PowerBeats3 and BeatsX are available for as low as $149.

Am I eligible to receive certain discounts?

Certain individuals will be offered even greater discounts on headphones. Those educational professionals working with students age K-12 will save big on headphones. Higher education and higher education parents are also eligible to receive this special back to school promotion through September.