For indoor cats, there is nothing more important than providing environmental enrichment tools and toys. Cats need to have interactive elements in their environment or else they can suffer both physically and mentally. While it is always great to have cat toys lying around the house, cat trees are an even better way to create an interactive environment for indoor kitties. Cat trees come in a variety of sizes and styles with even more features to choose from. Cat owners looking to get the perfect cat tree for their cat should keep on reading. Found below are some key questions that all cat owners should ask before purchasing an indoor cat tree.

What features are included in a 'good' cat tree?

Cat trees come in all sorts of styles. With that being said, the best cat trees will have enough features in order to entertain a cat for the long-term. At Petco, the You & Me 5-Level Cat Tree features a cat condo, scratching posts, five different platforms, and a dangling toy for just $119.99

Is the You & Me Five-Level Cat Tree hard to put together?

People might think that cat trees are annoying or frustrating to assemble after being purchased, but that just isn't the case! With the You & Me 5-Level Cat Tree, buyers only have to screw in a couple of components. No tools required. Assembling the entire cat tree should take no more than five or six minutes.

Are there ideal cat trees for single cat homes?

When homeowners have multiple cats, a larger and more expansive cat tree might be ideal. For a single cat, something smaller is perfectly fine. At PetSmart, the Whisker City Three Story Tower Rope Cat Scratcher can be the perfect environmental enrichment solution for just $139.99. This cat tree has a private cat condo, two platforms, a scratching post, and a hanging rope toy. Best of all, it's nice and compact so it can fit anywhere.

What is the most elaborate cat tree that I can get?

Cat trees can become amazingly elaborate and intricate if people are willing to spend the money. Fortunately, Chewy has a bunch of great online options for relatively cheap prices. The Frisco 72-In Cat Tree is only $65.99 and it features more stuff to do than the majority of cat towers. The 72-inch cat tree has two condos, three platforms, multiple scratching posts, and a bunch of dangling toys. This is the cat tree for the spoiled cat of the house.

Are there any stylish cat trees out there?

Cat trees can be a bit of an eye-sore if they aren't properly integrated into a room. Fortunately, Petco has some pretty stylish cat tree options of their own. The Kitty Mansions Redwood Cat Tree is a 75-inch cat tree that features maple colors, green vines, and dark gray platforms. This kitty mansion is only $107.39 thanks to a 39% discount offered by Petco. This is a stylish cat tree that would look cool anywhere.

What would be a good cat tree for a multi-cat home?

For pet owners with multiple cats, the best tree will feature enough room for the cats to be comfortable. At PetSmart, the Kitty Mansions Denver Cat Tree has multiple cat condos, seven platforms, and even a lounging hammock for just $139! This is a large cat tree that requires some room for assembly, but every cat is destined to love it.

Are there any cat trees that are easy to integrate into a room?

At Chewy, there are some amazing cat trees that almost look like artwork. In fact, the Vesper 40.8-in Double Cat Tree is functional with a beautiful modern aesthetic. This playground features hardwood surfaces, a neutral colored platform and scratching post, and grip pads for kitties to rely on. This stylish cat tree is available for just $144.99 after a 26% discount from Chewy.

Are there any small cat trees for kittens?

For the kittens that aren't ready to play in the big playground, the You & Me Kitty Suite Cat Tower 36" from Petco is an ideal purchase. This small cat tower is only $69.99 and it features two platforms, four scratching posts, and a tower seat to lounge in.