If you use a lot of firewood and/or mulch, you may get tired of driving back and forth to a store to pick it up. Some cities do not have stores that sell these items meaning the buyer has to drive even farther. And for those who do not have a lot of storage space in their vehicle, those trips probably have to take place more often than they would like. There is an alternative: hiring a mulch and firewood delivery company. Some locations have nearby delivery services while others do not. Fortunately, though, no matter where you live, you can get some delivered. Read on for more information about finding a delivery service for you and your needs.

Is it cheaper to hire a service or pick it up on my own?

This will depend on your particular situation. To answer it, you need to consider how close you live to where you purchase it if you have a big enough vehicle to haul the amount you need, how much you need, and how much time and gas you use to pick it up. Weigh those costs against a delivery service to decide.

How much mulch or firewood do I need?

Part of the convenience of a delivery service is being able to order in bulk without having to worry about hauling it yourself. Decide how long of a time frame you want or need in between purchases and make sure you order enough for that amount of time.

What type do I need?

Both mulch and firewood come in different types including elm, maple, cherry, birch and more. Not all services will carry all types. Be sure to look for one that carries the product you need.

Where can I find a firewood and mulch delivery service?

You may be one of the lucky ones who has one right under your nose and just do not know it. You can check online at places like Angie's List and Home Advisor to search for one near you. You can also find what you need at places like Home Depot, Home Blue, and Best Rubber Mulch. Home Depot and Lowe's can ship what you need to just about anywhere. Check other companies as they may deliver nationwide or just to specific areas.

Is it cheaper to hire a local service or a nationwide one?

If you have located a local delivery service, you should compare the prices between that service and nationwide chains such as Home Depot. Be sure you understand what all comes with the cost, too. Nationwide services may, or may not, cost less but your local delivery service may do more for you, such as setting it up where you need it, or vice versa. Know what you are paying for.

How do I find a delivery service near me?

Google is always a good place to start. Ask friends, family, and even your contacts on Facebook. Check convenience stores for business cards and flyers. And, again, Home Advisor and Angie's List can assist in the search.

How much is shipping going to cost me from a nationwide service?

Be sure you check the shipping cost. Saving a lot of money on the product itself only to pay more than you save on shipping costs is not a deal. Sometimes, the more you order the cheaper it is to ship. Home Depot, for instance, offers $69 flat rate so no matter how much or how little you order, you will pay $69 for delivery. In cases like this, it is more cost effective to order a large load.

Is it really cheaper to bulk order?

This really depends on your situation. Do you have somewhere to store the excess? If not, bulk ordering is probably not a good idea, especially if you are going to have to rent or purchase storage space for it. If you do have space, then ordering in bulk will most likely be beneficial to your finances.