Cleaning your home can be a hassle that you simply do not have enough time to deal with. That being said, finding the right house cleaning services can be difficult in itself. There are tons of different cleaning services out there and it is important to find the right cleaning service and the right cleaning services to help make the process simpler. For the most part, prices for home cleaning are based on things like how much cleaning you need to have done, how dirty your home is, and how often your cleaner is going to need to come to your home. Knowing what services you want and what sort of cleaning your home needs is going to help make the process of finding a cleaner simpler than you might imagine.

Are there home cleaning services that let you set the number of visits?

There are tons of different home cleaning services out there that allow you to choose the right cleaning service for you and that allow you to hire cleaners that only come on certain days. A good example are those cleaners that you can hire through sites like This site allows you to find the service you need and set when and where the cleaners come.

Are there cleaning companies that offer packages?

There are a few different cleaning services like Merry Maids that allow you to choose different packages so you can decide how often cleaners come to your home, what they clean and how long they stay.

Are there cleaning services that do more than clean?

Maid Simple is a great choice if you are looking for a company that is going to give you competitive pricing as well as great service. They even clean out fire places and help move furniture.

Are there cleaning services that offer green cleaning services?

There are a few different options for those that want green cleaning services. You've Got Maids offers green cleaning with environmentally friendly cleaning supplies and ways to help cut down on their environmental impact as well.

Are there maid services run by major companies that I have heard of?

There are, Sears Maid Services is run by Sears and is a company that offers licensed and bonded maids that have had background checks and that have been insured as well to protect your home and your possessions.

Can you search your area for cleaners near you?

One great site that allows you to search your area to find a cleaner that works for you is This site allows you to find a cleaner near you based on the search parameters that you enter. This allows you to narrow down the results to find a cleaning service or individual that is close to your home for quick access.

Can I check out reviews before I hire cleaners?

You can use a site like Angie's List to find out what a cleaner does, how well they do their job, and to search other reviews prior to hiring anyone that is coming into your home. This also allows you to see if they are insured or bonded before you let them into your home.

I'm not comfortable with strangers in my house, what can I do?

If you are uncomfortable having people in your home a maid service might not be the best choice for you. They are still, however, something you should consider. With a service like Two Maids you get maids that have been rated by other customers so you know what they work like, you know how they do their job, and you can check on ratings to see if they are trustworthy or not. You can also help base their compensation on how well they have done the job.