Now that two of the worst hurricanes in recent memory have passed, it’s a time of rebuilding for many American families. For many families, this means restoring flooded homes that have become damaged by high winds and relentless rain. While flood restoration services are available, many individuals will not be able to afford it. However, flood restoration services are not entirely necessary. Restoration is possible to accomplish yourself, although there are plenty of dangerous factors to consider. Nevertheless, if you have been a victim of flooding, now is the time to do something about it, so that you can safely return to your home and resume your normal life. If you are a victim of flooding, ask these questions about how to get flood restoration.

How should I assess my home?

Once it is safe to return to your home, the first thing you want to do is a small assessment of your home. You’ll need to figure out whether your home is safe to enter by checking if the foundation is cracked or loosened, or whether there is warping. If there is any damage to the gas, electric or water lines, you’ll want to call your utilities company to have those shut off so that it is safe to enter your home. You’ll also want to turn off the main power in your fuse box in case the power is reactivated for any reason.

Should I take pictures?

If you are insured for flood restoration, taking pictures is an extremely important step to take before call the insurance company. After you have shut off your utilities, go in and take as many pictures as you can if safe to do so. Documenting damage via photos or video will be important to show to your insurance company. Preferably take digital photos so that they can be easily copied and sent through email.

Is it okay to start restoring my home right away?

Never do any work on your home before you have taken pictures. If you remove water or make repairs before you have contacted your insurance company, you could end up decreasing the amount you are covered for when it comes to flood restoration.

When should I call my insurance company?

After you have assessed your home and taken pictures, you should call your insurance company right away. At least for the future, you should have the name of your company and phone number ready in an emergency kit. When you call, you and the insurance provider will work together to determine the cause of the flood and the extent of your coverage. Typically, groundwater damage will not be covered by homeowner’s insurance. Additionally, if you plan to make any repairs soon, be sure to tell the insurer what repairs you will be making.

Am I in a disaster area?

If you are in a disaster area as determined by government authorities, you may have access to more resources, financial assistance and other forms of aid. Your insurance company may be able to provide you with more information, or you can call FEMA directly. Go on their website for more information.

Where can I get fast flood restoration?

If you want to be able to move in your home as soon as possible, it is best to find a flood restoration company that will start working on your home as soon as possible. There are national companies out there that will respond to you 24/7, getting someone out to you not long after you give them a call. One such company is PuroClean the self-proclaimed “Paramedics of Property Damage.”

Is PuroClean Reliable?

PuroClean has a long history of helping victims in hurricane disaster areas. They are a proud sponsor of the American Red Cross and have consistently answer the call during times of disaster like these. This is at least one reliable option for addressing flood damage.

Where can I seek local flood restoration services?

A great place to find local companies for flood restoration services is Home Advisor. With Home Advisor, you can find companies that will help you remove water, fight mold or whatever other services you need for your home. If you are a victim of flooding, you’ll likely want to indicate that your situation is an emergency and indicate which areas of the home you need help with. Once you have found places that can help, give them a call and ask about their rates. Many may be willing to provide you with a free quote.