Pets are just as much a part of the family as anyone else, as every pet owner knows. The problem is, it’s not always convenient to take them everywhere you go, and many places downright forbid it. So when you need to get out of the house for a while, you want to make sure your pets are cared for. But finding the right pet sitter to help you care for your pet can often be quite a challenge. Fortunately, there are a number of places online, where you can find a local pet sitter to care for your cat, dog, bird or turtle while you’re away. The top places to find pet sitters include, and If you are looking for pet sitting while you vacation this year, ask these questions.

When will I be gone?

The first thing you'll need to establish when finding a pet sitter, is the dates in which you'll be gone, for which you will need sitting. Availability of certain sitters will depend on their other obligations and their general availability at that time. You can search for available sitters by typing the dates in which you'll need a sitter.

How long will I be gone?

Another important but obvious question to ask is how long you'll be gone for. If leaving your pet with someone else or having them stay at your home, the length of your trip may affect how long one particular pet sitter is willing to accommodate your needs.

Do I need sitting or dog walking services?

If you are at home, but are unable to do strenuous activity like walking a dog, you may be able to hire a sitter to simply walk your dog for you until you are able to once again. Allow a sitter to care for your dog while you recover from an injury, illness or surgery.

Can I get pet care in my home?

For pets that need to stay at home, you may consider hiring a sitter that is willing to care for your pet in your home. Provided you can trust the sitter in your home, this may be beneficial to you and the sitter, since the dog, cat or other pet will not need to be transported.

Will they take my pet in?

Another option for pet sitting is to bring your pet to the sitter's home or place of business. Many sitters are also willing to cover transportation by picking up and dropping off your pet from and to your home.

What if I just need someone to check in on my pet?

Pet sitters from websites like Rover, SitterCity and also offer check-ins and visits to your pet. This means you'll have the option of hiring someone to provide basic needs such as food and water, while not having to pay the fees for full-time pet sitting.

How much experience does this pet sitter have?

Experience can be extremely vital when it comes to pet sitting. The amount of experience may affect how well a sitter can care for your pet. Especially if you have a difficult pet. An inexperienced pet sitter may be more likely to neglect or harm your pet in some way if you are not careful in choosing.

How many pets will this sitter care for?

Many pet sitter have limits on how many pets they are willing to sit for. A house of 20 cats may be too difficult for some pet sitters. Don't underestimate how many pets you have to get the sitter to agree to do business with you. Lying could sacrifice the quality of care or may pleave your pet without a sitter.