Modern times call for modern measures. When it comes to home security, protecting your home from intruders requires a more advanced touch these days. Protect your home with smart home security technology and criminals won’t stand a chance. Discover the year’s top three systems that offer advanced security technology that you can access and monitor from anywhere, so you’ll always have peace of mind, no matter how far from home you are. The top systems from ADT, LiveWatch and Vivint are easy to use and provide totally effective results. If you are looking for a new home security system, ask these questions about the smart home security technology. The future of home security is already here.

How can I monitor my home security system remotely?

Monitor your home security system remotely using your smartphone with the best smart home security systems. Keep tabs of what’s going on in your home and access your systems controls from anywhere via your smartphone. The top systems support both iOS and Android mobile devices. Many systems including Vivint’s SmartHome system and ADT’s Pulse system can also be controlled with Amazon Alexa.

Are there any DIY home security systems?

If you are looking for a DIY home security system, the LiveWatch Plug & Protect IQ Wireless Alarm System offers everything you need for home security including a 7-inch display for controlling the system, as well as a built-in camera, a keychain remote, motion sensors and more. While you can monitor your home yourself with these materials, monitoring services are recommended. The kit also includes stickers for your windows as a warning for potential intruders.

What can you tell me about ADT Pulse?

ADT is one of the most trusted home security companies around. Their ADT Pulse services provide around the clock monitoring that will protect your home from invasion. Over 140 years in the business, ADT has come a long way, now offering smart home automated security. With the free mobile app, you can keep track of family and protect them wherever they go. Disarm your alarm from anywhere, letting your pet sitters in when they need to. Forgot to arm your alarm? There’s no need to turn the car around. Just do it from your smartphone – it’s that easy.

What else can you tell me about LiveWatch?

The LiveWatch Plug and Protect IQ Wireless Alarm system allows for video monitoring, home motion detection and door sensors that detect intruders from all access points. Motion sensors are also pet-proof, so your cats and dogs can’t set off the alarm. A wireless keychain remote works much like the key remote for your car, so you can easily unlock and lock your home, as well as arm your alarm system from the outside. With mobile control, you can control everything from your smartphone. Additionally, you can purchase 24/7 live monitoring which is recommended for the best results.

What can you tell me about Vivint SmartHome?

If you need a security system that does it all, Vivint SmartHome is the way to go. Vivint’s system includes a SkyControl panel, an indoor camera, a doorbell camera, an outdoor camera and other cool smart devices that will keep your home extra safe. Vivint offers the latest and greatest in terms of smart security, making sure nobody gets in who doesn’t belong.

Do I need to pay for installation?

This depends on who you purchase your home security from. LiveWatch can be installed easily yourself, but ADT usually charges for installation unless a deal specifies otherwise. Nonetheless, installation fees are relatively minimal and ensure the job gets done properly. Vivint offers both free activation and installation for their system, saving you more on fees than anyone else.

How much does smart home security cost?

If you want a better idea how much home security will cost you, getting a quote is a good idea. It can also help you compare prices. ADT and Vivint both offer a free quote that can assist you with all the necessary expenses. Complete the online form and someone will get back to you as soon as possible. If you choose the LiveWatch Plug & Protect IQ Wireless Alarm System, that will cost you as much as $600.

Can I get smart door locks?

Smart door locks are ideal for any home security system. They allow you to unlock and lock your home’s deadbolt from anywhere in the world via your smartphone. Vivint offers smart locks for your door for just an extra $5 per month. Get notifications for failed attempts to get into your home and other alerts.