With Halloween almost here and gone, it’s time to start thinking about the next holiday: Thanksgiving. By decorating for Thanksgiving, you’ll have the perfect way to welcome friends and family to your home as you sit around the tale and partake in some delicious food. While not as popular as Halloween or Christmas décor, Thanksgiving decorations can really liven up the home for the fall season and put everyone in the proper mood for the fall harvest. The problem is, not everyone knows just how to decorate for Thanksgiving. Fortunately, you can find Thanksgiving decorations easily from retailers like Wayfair, Joann and Pier1imports. These retailers offer the widest selection of décor that would be perfect in your home. If you are thinking about decorating for Thanksgiving this year, ask these questions.

How do I decorate the inside of my home?

You can decorate your home in a variety of ways for Thanksgiving. Because thanksgiving is in part a celebration of the fall harvest, the best theme to shoot for is one that celebrates that. Fall-themed decorations like pumpkins, squashes, décor featuring fall flowers and fall leaves and other fall related items can be put up at almost any time during the fall as it one of the simplest ways to decorate for the whole season - so that you aren’t just decorating for one day. You might also want to include some fall-scented candles or candles that are fall-colored like red, orange, yellow and brown. Other things you can include are fall or Thanksgiving themed signage or artwork. While scented candles might not be detectable on the day of Thanksgiving with the smell of food cooking, fall themed candles are always a nice touch as they are pleasing to the senses in a variety of ways during the season.

What outdoor decorations might I include?

Outside decorations you might include are terracotta pumpkins, lawn figures featuring turkeys, pilgrims and other animals, and even thanksgiving themed signs which are incredibly welcoming. These can be found at most décor retailers like Wayfair or Joann. You might also include some fresh fall flowers to be placed outside in pots or as part of your landscape. Putting these decorations as close to your home as possible will ensure they are seen and will really put all your friends and family in the mood for the holiday.

Should I put a wreathe on my door?

No, wreathes aren’t just for Christmas. You can find a variety of fall wreathes from places like Pier1imports or Joann that feature wreathes with fall leaves, flowers, gourds, pine cones and other indications of fall. Instead of green, these wreathes are brown at the base and instantly set the tone for Thanksgiving before your family enters your home. You can also choose to make wreathes yourself with fresh flowers or with fake ones, where your options are unlimited.

What centerpieces can I include in my Thanksgiving dinnerware?

Great centerpieces you can include with your Thanksgiving dinnerware sets are glass pumpkins, fall flowers and candles. Definitely, one of the most popular centerpieces is a cornucopia featuring fake or real fruits and veggies. This will impress friends and family, and really get them in the mood for feasting.

Should I include a table runner or tablecloth?

If you don’t know already, a table runner is a long cloth that runs at the length of a table in the center, but does not cover the entirety of the table, and dangles over only two sides. A tablecloth does cover the entirety of the table and dangles over all sides of the table. A tablecloth functions as a decoration with a purpose. With a tablecloth, cleanup after Thanksgiving will be simple because all you do is clear off the dishes and put the tablecloth in the washer. A table runner however, will leave much of your table exposed, so you may still need to clean it afterwards. Additionally, most table runners include tassels, so they can’t be put in the washer – meaning you have to spot clean them. However, you can use place mats on your table that are fancy and sophisticated. Place mats might include designs featuring pumpkins, leaves or even turkeys. Best of all, you can just throw those in the washer.

Where should I place candles?

Some places you can include candles are on mantles and of course tables. But be sure if there are small children coming to your home that the candles are out of reach. If you are going to be placing candles on your dining table, you’ll want to make sure they can’t accidentally be touched or knocked over. With a big feast like Thanksgiving, you want to avoid candles that are short and unprotected to ensure nobody gets burned, but you also want to avoid long candle sticks that can easily be knocked over. The best way to include candles on the tables are with glass candleholders that cover the sides of the candle. You might also include a centerpiece for displaying the candles as a buffer zone between your guests so they don’t accidentally touch the flame or knock the candle over.

How can I complete my Thanksgiving-themed dinnerware?

The right dinnerware can really help complete your Thanksgiving feast. Numerous retailers are offering great prices on water goblets, fine silverware, specialty fabric napkins, charger plates, place mats and more. Autumn-themed dinnerware is also great for any Thanksgiving feast. When shopping for dinnerware, just think of how each detail on your table can help people get in the mood for a memorable holiday dinner.

What are some unique DIY décor options I can include?

As mentioned earlier, you can create your own wreathes and centerpieces for your table. But that is just the minimum of what you can do. You can find more ideas from websites like Country Living and Midwest Living. One great idea from Midwest Living is to include a message board that features notes in the shape of all leaves where everyone in the family can include a note of what they are thankful for. You can also place a tray on your table with cards where you can include some heartwarming Thanksgiving messages. But in the end, your imagination is your limit.