How are you doing your laundry? While laundry soap can tend to be expensive, especially if you live in a full house, you don’t want to cut costs when it comes to getting your clothes clean. The wrong laundry detergent can be irritating to the skin and do a poor job getting your clothes looking clean and new. The best laundry detergent brands are gentle on the skin and your fabrics while making your clothes look and smell as fresh as possible. Brands like Tide, Gain, and Dreft will give your clothes the proper care they deserve. On top of this, there are plenty of ways to save on these top brands, so you can get better quality detergent for less. With deals and coupons available online, now’s your chance to save on the best laundry detergent brands on the market. Ask these questions to learn more.

What brand is great for sensitive skin?

Tide is one of the most recognizable names in laundry detergent for a reason. Tide offers a wide variety of laundry products that will help you clean your clothes just the way you want. For those with sensitive skin, the Tide Free and Gentle liquid clean without leaving irritating residue on your clothes.

What other options are available from Tide?

Tide Fresh Coral Blast scented detergent provides your clothes with a perfume scent that’s great for people who really love the smell of fresh laundry. Tide with OxiClean is the best way to get out any stain. And of course, there’s also a wide-selection of Tide detergent pods that make doing laundry even easier.

How can I save on Tide products?

Just remember to keep them out of the reach of children! Find coupons for Tide on the P&G Everyday coupon website. Save up to $3 off regular Tide detergent or $1 off Tide with OxiClean. One of the best ways to save though is to buy more. With Tide, the larger the size, the more economical it is. For instance, at Sam’s Club, you can get a 225oz bottle for less than $24, compared to a $10, 75oz bottle.

What is the best laundry soap for babies?

If you have a baby, you already know how quickly they can go through clothing, sometimes requiring a new outfit after every meal, even if you have that bib on. If you don’t know about it already, P&G’s Dreft is one of the best laundry detergents for babies because it's non-irritating and gentle on a babies skin. And for babies with super sensitive skin, it’s important to wash your own clothes in Dreft to ensure your clothes don’t irritate their skin either.

Is Dreft expensive?

The downside of Dreft is that it can be outrageously expensive like everything else you need for your child. Luckily there are some ways to save on Dreft if you know where to look. Shopping at department stores like Target or Walmart can have you saving a ton compared to other stores. Get a 150oz bottle of detergent for just $23 versus $29 at other retailers. Get a 40oz bottle from Walmart for less than $8.

Are there any coupons for Dreft?

You can find coupons posted directly on the P&G website, saving you an additional $2 off. Using the Target Cartwheel app, you can save up to $3 off the in-store price. Check it out on your mobile phone to find out more.

What is another popular brand of detergent?

Gain is another popular detergent brand that has a lot of loyal customers. Gain offers an even greater variety of laundry detergent products. A great option for people who love laundry scents, gain offers fruity scents, botanical scents, winter scents, and classic laundry scents. Gain with OxiBoost will help you get out really tough stains and eliminate odors.

What is the cheapest brand?

Compared to Tide, Gain is a little more affordable. You can get a 200oz fluid pump of Gain for as low as $20 from Sam’s Club or get 42 laundry detergent pacs for just $10 from Rite Aid. On top of these deals, you can save an additional $3 off laundry pacs or $2 off their liquid detergents. Find these coupons at the P&G Everyday website and find out about more offers.