Track your car or SUV with one of the top vehicle tracking systems available for personal use. Whether using your tracking device as a security measure or checking up on your loved ones, the top tracking systems on the market can help you find your path – wherever that may lie. Super-accurate with real-time updates, these tracking devices have it all. They are also compact and discreet enough to be easily found by any thief in the night. If you need a tracking system for your vehicle, check out our list of favorites now available. For more information, read our Q&A about the best vehicle tracking systems available for personal use. Keep your car or your teen safe with any of these top tracking systems.

What are the top vehicle tracking systems?

The top vehicle tracking systems include the Spark Nano 5.0 GPS Tracker, the STI GL300 Real-Time GPS Tracker, and the MOTOsaftey Teen GPS Tracker. If you are looking for a tracker that will provide you with accurate, fast results, these systems offer the best services.

Are they discreet?

Vehicle tracking devices are small, compact and completely discreet so that nobody will know that they are even on your vehicle unless they already knew you had it.  The Motosafety device is actually wired under your vehicle's dashboard, making it perfectly undetectable, while the other trackers are small and compact enough to saty well-hidden. 

How do I receive location updates?

You can receive real-time location updates in a variety of ways. You can receive them by phone, text message and even email. Each time a person leaves the area, you'll receive a text message alerting you to their new location.

What devices can I use to access my tracker?

You can easily access your tracker from your phone or tablet, allowing you to quickly access your tracker from anywhere. Additionally, you can use your PC or laptop if you are still at home.

Can I view my trackers location on Google?

You can also view your tracker on Google Maps or Google Earth. If you are familiar with these services, then this may be the best way to view as you will be familar with the interface.

Can I save my data?

If you want to keep track of your vehicle's activity or the individual's driving habits, many tracking systems will save data for you - even up to a year, as is the case with STI GL300 system.

How long does the charge last?

Wireless tracking systems use a battery that can last up to two weeks when fully charged. With the use of a rechargeable battery, you can replace the battery with minimum hassle. However, if you don't want to mess with batteries, the wired Motosafety device may be your best bet.

Do I need to sign up for a service?

You will need to sign up for a 4G service if you want to continue to use your tracker. However, most trackers don't require any commitment as you can pay month to month. Additionally, you may need to pay an activation fee unless you get the Spark Nano 5.0.