As most wine drinkers and collectors know, there comes a time in every wine drinking career to consider upgrading from a countertop rack to a wine cooler or chiller. Whether a wine drinker is simply looking for a product to keep wine chilled during dinner or a more comprehensive wine cooler to keep their collection of bottles at the perfect temperature year-round, the perfect solution is out there. From free-standing cabinets to single bottle chillers, there are great options available to meet every budget, space and need. Before any wine drinkers or collectors take the plunge into the world of wine coolers and chillers, here are some great questions to help fine-tune the search and land on the best product.

What type of wine cooler or chiller will I use the most?

Wine chillers and coolers encompass everything from a classy way to display and chill your wine bottle at dinner to luxury built-in coolers that can hold over 200 wine bottles. Which is right for you? If you only keep one or two bottles of wine on hand at a time, Bed Bath and Beyond offers tabletop chillers from $20. If you like to collect wine it may be time for a multi-bottle wine cooler.

How do single bottle wine chillers work?

Some single bottle chillers, like Crate and Barrel's marble chiller for $24.95, are used to keep an already chilled bottle of wine cold during a meal or party. Single bottle thermoelectric chillers, such as the Brookstone chiller starting at $164, can cool up to 40 types of red and white wine.

What types of multi-bottle wine coolers are available?

The most common wine coolers come in a few different categories: built-in, free-standing, and dual-zone. Built-in coolers fit a specific space in your home while free-standing wine coolers come in all shapes and sizes to accommodate any space. Dual zone coolers offer two different temperature settings to keep red and white wines at their optimal temperatures at the same time.

Which is the most popular wine cooler?

For first-time wine collectors, the Ivation 12-bottle cooler is a popular choice. This cooler is available for as low as $129 on Amazon and is ideal for small spaces and small wine collections. Set the temperature and let the cooler do the rest. The tinted door even keeps bottles protected from light. 

Why would I need a dual-zone wine cooler?

The dual-zone coolers are great for people who collect and drink both white and red wine. Since the two types of wine are optimal at different temperatures, the dual zone fridges allow you to keep your wine at two different-and perfect-temperatures.

What wine coolers are available for small spaces?

When space is really at a minimum, look no further than a selection of 2 to 6 bottle coolers available at Home Depot. Prices range from $56 for a Magic Chef six bottle cooler to $179 for a Vinotap 6 bottle cooler. To maximize space, they even offer a horizontal Ivation countertop cooler that holds up to 8 bottles of wine. 

Where are the best deals on wine coolers?

There are plenty of deals out there for new wine coolers. Companies like offer 5% off just for signing up for their newsletter. They also have regular sales for up to 15% off. Home Depot and Best Buy also offer regular sales on all of their best wine coolers.

Where is the best place to put a wine cooler in my house?

Every space is different, but most stand-alone wine coolers are designed to fit in your kitchen, on your countertop, or anywhere with an electrical outlet. has a wide array of coolers aesthetically designed to fit the look and feel of your home, no matter where you find room for it.