Email marketing is a great way to spread awareness of your business and gain the interest of new potential customers. It's also a great way to promote any current specials or specific campaigns that are time sensitive. But how to get started? Like most forms of marketing, it's best to utilize the help of a professional. Still, with so many companies that now "specialize" in email marketing services, how does an ambitious entrepreneur know which one to go with? The good news is that, like a lot of businesses, those that offer email marketing services are regularly reviewed, and the top three of these are Constant Contact, Benchmark and Pinpointe. Keep reading to learn more.

How Long Have These Services Been Around?

Email marketing itself has been around for decades, but it has grown immensely in the past several years and therefore a lot of different companies have popped up to take advantage. Pinpointe was established in 2009, while Benchmark was launched in 2004. Constant Contact has actually been around since 1995 (though it was previously known as Roving Software).

Do Any of These Services Offer Free Trials?

Yes, Constant Contact, Benchmark and Pinpointe all offer free trials for customers who are interested. Constant Contact offers a 60-day free trial whereas Benchmark offers a 30-day one. Pinpoint meanwhile offers a 15-day free trial.

How Much Do Email Marketing Services Actually Cost?

Once the free trial period is over, customers of all three services have different plans and packages to choose from. For example, Pinpointe starts at $49 per month for up to 5,000 email contacts (subscribers) and a monthly send rate of 40,000, but goes up to $898 per month for up to 200,000 email contacts. Benchmark meanwhile starts at $13.99 a month for unlimited emails and 600 contacts but goes up to $254.99 a month for 50,000 contacts. Constant Contact is the most customizable and varies greatly in pricing, starting at $20 a month for up to 500 contacts and going up to $335 a month for up to 50,000. Constant Contact also offers specialized plans for those with different needs, with prices quoted individually.

How Are Subscribers Attained?

It's actually fairly simple. Subscribers, or contacts, are in most cases added to the email list after they click "subscribe" on the business website or through another marketing campaign. All three of these services can help businesses design their campaign so it can both gain and retain these contacts.

What Are The Success Rates for These Services?

Naturally, all three of these marketing service companies have different success rates for their clients, and much of it will depend on the client themselves. That said, success in this case is best measured by the amount of views each email campaign gets. According to reviews, all three of these services generally get a view rate of over 90 percent for their clients, as in people are actually opening the emails, not just ignoring them or sending them straight to the trash.

Which One Is Best For Me?

These are the top three email marketing services, but they do each have their pros and cons that will work for different types of businesses. Constant Contact is best for those who want a highly customizable campaign, whereas Benchmark produces more standard campaigns for those who want a system that has been solidified over time and proven to generate views. Pinpointe is meanwhile great for those who feel they've outgrown other agencies and want to expand.

How Do These Services Set Themselves Apart From the Competition?

Anyone can send an email, it's true. But these three services are distinguished in the fact that offer wider a range of email marketing services, from writing and editing assistance to entire campaign concepts. They are also among the most cost effective.

How Long Am I Obligated to Use Their Services?

All three require a basic minimum of a month commitment after sign up, that is, their services are good for a month. Following that, all of them offer year-long options where clients can pay in advance.