If you love fishing, then taking an Alaskan fishing trip should be one of the items on your bucket list. There's nothing quite like fishing from a boat on the frigid waters of the Alaska coastlines; to experience Alaskan fishing is to understand the joy of living in one of the most rugged places on earth. People who fish in Alaska often catch salmon, halibut, cod, snapper and rockfish, depending on the trip or the time of year. Even better, anything you catch can be freeze dried and taken home with you, meaning you can impress your friends with fresh seafood that you'll never find at the grocery store. Traveling to Alaska is more expensive than your average fishing trip, but the memories will last a lifetime.

How far is the fishing area from the lodge?

The last thing you want to be doing when going on a fishing trip is spending most of your day traveling to and from the fishing grounds. Ask how far away the grounds are, how you get there, how long it takes to get there, and whether transportation is included in your package.

How big is the group I will be with?

Before booking, you should find out whether you are in a small or large group on the fishing boat. When you're in a large group, you don't get nearly as much personal attention from the boat captain. Make sure you are clear that you want to know how big the group will be, not how many are booked at the time of your inquiry.

Is this a king salmon fishing trip?

Although king salmon is the primary reason most people go on Alaskan fishing trips, unless the package you are looking at specifically states that you are looking at a king salmon package, you should ask and make sure as there are smaller types of salmon available in Alaska called sockeye salmon. These salmon are not as prized, so you don't want to end up spending thousands of dollars on a package that doesn't provide you with the very best.

Which types of fish can I catch?

This really depends on where you go and which type of fishing trip you've signed up for. Call ahead of time to speak with the lodge or local fishing guide to find out more about the types of fish you might catch while on your fishing trip. 

How should I dress for the fishing trip?

Having the proper gear for your Alaskan fishing trip is important not only for comfort but for safety. You'll want to make sure you're properly dressed for the current weather conditions, so keep an eye on local weather reports and pack accordingly. 

Do I need to bring my own gear or will gear be provided?

Some Alaskan fishing trips include all the gear you need for your fishing excursion, while others will require you to bring some, if not all, of your own gear. Contact the lodge to find out what you should bring with you for the trip. 

Will the lodge clean and package the fish I catch?

Some places will clean, package and freeze any fish you catch, so you can easily transport it back home. Other places will require you to clean and package your own fish to take home. Check with the lodge to find out if they provide this service, and whether they charge a fee. If you'll be expected to clean your own fish, find out whether they will provide you with the supplies or if you should plan to bring your own.