Do you feel like you have way too many remotes for way too many devices? Thanks to the continued growth of the at-home movie theater experience and smart technology, shoppers need universal remote controls more than ever. With so many different devices hooked up in your, it can be a massive benefit to consolidate all those remotes into one remote control. Buying the right universal remote may sound complicated, but there are actually quite a few options capable of handling all your home devices. Make sure to ask the following questions before making a purchase in order to ensure that the proper universal remote control is acquired.

What features should I look for in a universal remote?

Smart universal remote controls are all about providing a ton of functionality in a small package. Products like the Logitech Harmony Elite Remote Control on Amazon are filled with features such as smartphone compatibility, a built-in screen interface, and multiple customization options. This is a high-end remote control which can be purchased for $269.99.

Why does the Logitech Harmony Elite offer smartphone compatibility?

We are living in the unbridled age of mobile technology. The Harmony Elite Remote Control interfaces directly with its own smartphone application. The mobile smartphone application allows users to set recordings and change channels even when away from the house. This remote control also connects with Alexa home devices.

I just want a simple universal remote control, what is my best option?

While universal remote controls can come with a wide variety of features, sometimes simple is better. Shoppers at Target can get their hands on the Philips 3 Device Universal Remote Control for just $7.39. This is the most affordable universal remote available on the market.

What is the benefit of a simple remote like the Philips 3?

The Philips 3 Device Universal Remote Control offers three-product functionality. Users can map the remote control to their DVD player, their satellite, a streaming device, or even a soundbar. These simple remote controls are great for people who want a no-frills approach to handling all of their devices.

If I use plenty of streaming devices, what is the best product for me?

From Roku and Chromecast to Apple TV and Kodi, there is always a new streaming device on the market. The Inteset 4-in-1 Universal Backlit IR Learning Remote from Inteset is only $26.95 and it promises functionality with all major streaming devices. This remote control is pre-programmed to work with all of the major multimedia devices on the market.

Are there any universal remote controls for people with poor eyesight?

If seeing all of the different buttons is going to be a problem, the Jumbo Universal TV Remote from WalMart can provide an affordable solution. This remote control is only $9.72 and can be programmed to work with any major multimedia device. This remote control is larger than a conventional remote control and has clearly labeled buttons that are easier for people with poor eyesight to see.

What universal remote control has the most functionality?

If compatibility is a concern, the Harmony 350 Control from Logitech is the best product to consider. This universal remote control has the best compatibility of any universal remote control on the market. At only $49.99, this is an affordable universal remote control for people who want something simple that is guaranteed to work. Programming this universal remote control is incredibly easy.

Which universal remote has the best touchscreen interface?

Once someone has tried a touchscreen universal remote control, they won't want to change back. Fortunately, the Logitech Harmony Ultimate One 2.4" universal remote control is affordable at just $119.43. This touchscreen remote control can be connected to up to 15 devices with easy toggling between each individual device.