With the vintage looking coming back into style, many people are flocking to thrift stores and consignment shops in order to get that great vintage look for affordable prices. Whether you are a college student on a budget or a mother trying to clothe a whole slew of children, consignment shops are a great way to get a fabulous wardrobe on a dime store budget. Overall, consignment shops are filled with bargains and should be looked through for the latest deals and styles, a great combination. Once you get experienced in browsing through these stores, you can find anything from designer brands to worn leather jackets. Get in style for just a fraction of the price you'd pay at the mall.

What is your return policy?

Many consignment shops will accept returns for store credit or exchange only, so be sure to ask before making a purchase. 

What forms of payment do you accept?

Before doing a lot of shopping, make sure the consignment store you're shopping at accepts the payment you're carrying. While larger consignment and thrift shops accept debit and credit card payments, many of the smaller stores will only accept cash. 

What quality standards are in place for the clothing you sell?

Consignment shops all have different criteria they look for when accepting clothing or other goods to sell in their stores. Asking the shop owner or employee what their quality standards are will give you a good idea of the quality you'll find in the store and what you can expect from your purchase. 

Do you accept items as trade for in-store items?

Some consignment shops will give you credit for your items rather than offering you cash to sell them in their store, and often the credit you receive will be more than you'd get in cash. Ask your local consignment shop if they offer credit for your items. This can be a great way to get rid of old items you no longer wear or use in exchange for new clothing and goods! 

Do you have regular sales or discounts?

Much like larger retailers, consignment stores often offer sales and discounts to reduce inventory and make room for new items. Ask the store employee whether they hold regular sales or offer discounts to maximize your savings! 

Do you sell genuine vintage items?

Not all consignment shops sell vintage items, so ask before you shop. There are many consignment shops that specialize in vintage clothing and items, but others only sell current, name-brand merchandise. If you're in the market for vintage clothing, call before you go to save yourself the time if they don't carry vintage. 

How much of a discount can I expect over buying the same item new?

In most consignment shops, you'll see a significant discount over what you'd pay for the same item brand new, but don't assume that's always the case. Ask the shop staff how much of a discount you're getting buying the item from them, and always comparison shop before buying, especially on higher-end items.