Choosing a nationwide moving company can help alleviate much of the stress associated with relocating for both individuals and families. Reputable moving companies that operate across the country have established reputations for being safe and trustworthy. These moving companies have been in business for decades and should be able to provide consumers with long lists of references. Those seeking a nationwide moving company need to interview at least three of these companies before making final decisions, which includes visiting the local branch and asking important questions in person. Moving professionals should then be willing to come and provide estimates for how much the moving process should cost for each customer. Three of the most popular and trusted nationwide moving companies include North American Van Lines, Mayflower, and United Van Lines. These eight questions should be asked before choosing a nationwide moving company.

Is the nationwide moving company licensed?

Always make sure to choose a licensed moving company. When moving state to state, a company should have a United States Department of Transportation license. This ensures that a company is reliable and this license is needed in order for them to move people from state to state. Moving within state only requires a state license.

Is the nationwide moving company insured?

Insurance covers personal items of the person who is moving so that they can feel safe and secure knowing that even if something breaks, the company will pay to replace it. Check to see if the company being used is insured to protect the belongings that they are transporting. Checking to see if a company is insured is just as easy as looking on a states’ database to see if they’re licensed.

How long has the nationwide moving company been in business?

Finding out how long a company has been in business can help find how trustworthy they are. Always pick a company that has been in business more than a few years and research online for reviews about them. This can help ensure that they know what they are doing and are reliable as a moving company.

Does the moving company have the proper equipment and experience?

It is important to find out if a nationwide moving company is experienced with elevators, high rise buildings, and other special circumstances. Finding additional movers and equipment for to move specialized items can be expensive and time consuming.

Does the moving company help set up the house or apartment?

For those who live alone or are not strong enough to lift heavy boxes and furniture, finding a mover who will set up the home or apartment they are moving into is a great idea. Although many companies do work like this, some do not offer this service. Ask this question in advance to stop the possibility of being surprised on moving day.

What questions do the movers have about the process?

Always ask movers if they have questions about this particular job, listening carefully. Questions may mean that they need something such as doorway measurements, weight estimates, or other information. Their questions may determine how many trucks, men, or other pieces of equipment they may need for the move.

What does the cost of hiring a nationwide company include?

Just because a company looks affordable on the surface doesn’t mean there aren't hidden costs. Research their rates to discover what their “affordable rate” actually includes. The services you need may not be included in this rate. Study rates completely and thoroughly can help stop confusion during every step of the move.

What measurements does the moving company need in advance?

Experienced and reliable nationwide moving companies may ask for measurements of the doorways for both the old and new home. This way they can correctly assess which pieces of furniture can go through which doorways, and what types of boxes can make it in and out of each space.