Want to change up your hairstyle? Finding a new hairstyle can be fun and exciting, but stepping out of your comfort zone may feel like a big leap of faith. What new style will look best on you? Have you always wanted to try a new pixie cut, or do you want a different look from your long, beautiful hair? No matter what kind of hair you have -- fine, thick, straight or curly -- there's a show-stopping hairstyle just waiting to be found. Ask yourself the following questions when searching for a new hairstyle, whether you're seeking a new style for a big event or just wanting a new look.

Would this hairstyle compliment my facial shape?

Different hairstyles look better on women with different face shapes. For example, a hair length between the chin and shoulder line looks great on women with round faces, while women with more square faces tend to look better with layered, sleek cuts or curly hair. Women with heart-shaped faces often do well with side-swept or brow-skimming bangs. Women with oval faces can often pull off a wide variety of looks. There are several other common facial shapes, and each tends to fit better with certain types of hairstyles.

How does this hairstyle work with my hair's texture?

Is your hair thick, fine, frizzy or bouncy? The texture and consistency of your hair plays a huge role in the types of hairstyles you'll be able to pull off. Women who have thick, coarse hair, or hair with natural waves, should usually stay away from too short of hair cuts (sorry, no Pixie cuts). Women whose hair is thin or silky may not do well with longer hairstyles. Even if you can apply enough hair products to get your hairstyle right despite your texture, over time, you'll be better off with a style that works better with your natural beauty.

How does this hairstyle highlight my looks?

The hairstyle you choose should enhance your features that you like -- such as the shape of your face, or the length of your neck -- while downplaying features you don't like, such as having large ears or a huge forehead. Ask about which of your natural features would be most highlighted by the various hairstyles you're considering.

Is this hairstyle for a special event?

Most people get their hair cut a little on the shorter side, giving themselves more time before another hair cut is needed. However, if you're getting your hair styled for a specific event, then you should consider getting it cut the optimal length for the style you're choosing. You'll be at your best for your guests, hosts and, of course, photographs, if you get your hair cut for the length of your hairstyle.

How much maintenance will this hairstyle require?

Some hairstyles look great with very little daily maintenance, while others may take a bit more work before you can leave your home each morning. If you don't like spending lots of time messing around with your hair, then you should stay away from hairstyles involving curls or several layers.

How often will I need to get my hair cut to maintain this hairstyle?

Longer hair can go for up to two months without needing to be cut, while shorter hair may need to be cut at least once a month in order to be properly maintained. Another thing to consider is that with longer hair, additional hair treatments may be needed to prevent split ends or heat damage.

Would this hairstyle look better with some coloring?

Changing the color of your hair is a great way to shake up your hairstyle. Even if you don't want to change your color too much, even a slight shift of hair color can help your new hairstyle match your eyes or skin tone that much more. Ask your stylist or salon about which colors of hair might look best on you. Selecting the right color can be tricky; also, not all hair dyes will turn out well when used with certain colors of hair.

Can any salon or stylist replicate this hairstyle?

It's fun to pamper yourself with a trip to your favorite hair stylist, but sometimes we just need hair cuts and style maintenance that's quick, convenient and affordable. Can your new hairstyle be crafted by anyone, or do you need to go to an expert to have any hope of carrying on your new style? If you foresee money or time as being a big issue in the coming months, then this could influence your decision of which type of hairstyle to get.

Why do I want this hairstyle?

Choosing a new hairstyle is a big deal; make sure you're doing it for the right reasons, and make sure you're truly happy with whichever hairstyle you're about to get. Remember that your choice of hairstyle could affect people perceive you both personally and professionally. Don't just go out and change your whole hairstyle on a whim. Put some thought into it, and ask all the right questions before letting the stylist near you with scissors.