Deodorant is an almost essential part of everyday polite society, on a hot day you can always tell who is listening to the commercials and who isn't. Some people use them in order to feel clean themselves and to not offend anyone else, others don't use them out of fear of chemicals or using something 'unnatural' on their bodies. There are 'natural' alternatives to company manufactured deodorants, but customer response has been mixed, some praising them, while others saying they just don't work. Some may even be allergic to many popular deodorants, so may need to check ingredients and shop around more than others would. Some of the top-rated deodorants are Brut for men, Dove Men+Care and the Degree Adrenaline series. Which deodorant would best suit you and your needs? Ask these questions when choosing from the market's best deodorant products.

Waht's the difference between deodorant and antiperspirants?

Deodorants are used chiefly to control the odor from perspiration, while antiperspirants are used to block the sweat itself as well as controlling odor. Both are usually applied to the underarms, while deodorant is also used on such areas as feet or as a body spray. Both are effective at controlling odors.

I have sensitive skin. Which deodorant is the best option for me?

If you find you are sensitive to most men's deodorants which can cause itching, burning or redness, many men find Men+Care deodorants from Dove to be an excellent alternative. And there's no better option for those with sensitive skin than the Men+Care Sensitive Shield deodorant that provides up to 48 hours of sweat and odor protection with no irritation. A stick will cost you around $4.50.

What is a 'deodorant stone'?

Deodorant stones or deodorant crystals are usually a combinations of salt and ammonium alum or potassium alum in either stone/rock/or bar form. These have been parised by some, but have not worked for others. Different people may find they work differently for themselves. The Deodorant Stones of America Thai Crystal Deodorant Stick is a cruelty-free made of 100% all-natural Thai Deodorant Crystals and provides up to 24 hours of protection. It's fragrance-free and non-staining. Best of all, the cost is similar to that of any typical deodorant, available for under $5 at Thrive Market.

Is a spray or roll-on better?

If you mean for the environment, then roll-ons are usually considered better, although the aerosol versions and the fluorocarbons, have been largely removed from most spray-on products. The Roll-ons, solid sticks or gels apply more to the targeted area, rather than losing it into the air. Axe Phoenix Dry spray is one terrific antiperspirant for men that is not as strong as their other sprays. However, they also have a roll-on option, the Axe Click Dry Deodorant available for $7.75 at Walmart. If you are looking for an effective and inexpensive spray-on option, Brut Original Fragrance is a popular option and a can costs just $3.49 at Rite Aid.

What if I get an allergic reaction to my deodorant?

If you get an allergic reaction to your deodorant, or you think it may be the cause of the reaction, you should stop using it immediately, It's always best to see a professional allergist in these cases to find out exactly what ingredient in the deodorant you may be reacting to. In that way, you know what to look for and avoid in the future. In the meantime, try different brands and see if there is one you don't have a reaction to.

Can you get aluminum toxicity from deodorant?

Aluminum toxicity from deodorant has been discussed, but has not been proven. Aluminum is present most often in antiperspirants in the form of aluminum chlorohydrate, which is not the same thing as aluminum chloride, which is a neurotoxin. The FDA and numerous studies have shown no correlation between aluminum toxicity and deodorant.

How do you keep it from getting on your clothes?

It depends. The more powdery forms of deodorant have a tendency to rub off on clothes, especially the lighter color sticks or gels. The best way to stop this is to switch to an aerosol or gel form or to be sure, hold your clothing away from those coated parts of your body when dressing. However, another option is to buy deodorant with stain protection is your best bet. Dove makes Men+Care Stain Defense deodorant that is available for less than $5 at Target. It is non-irritating and provides up to 48 hours of protection.

What is the best deodorant for active men?

Active men who play sports or go to the gym usually need a stronger deodorant. The Degree Adrenaline Series is inexpensive and effective. A stick will cost you around $4 at Rite Aid. It protects against sweat and odor while responding to body movement, so there's no friction. You can find numerous formulas from this series including Extreme, Adventure, Overtime, Everest and Cool Rush.