While installing a new set of sink faucets doesn't sound that exciting, the act can have a dramatic and positive impact on a home. With that being said, most people aren't aware of all of the minor differences that elevate one type of sink faucet above the next. Whether someone wants a thermostatic mixer for safety reasons or a modern faucet for aesthetic reasons, the options are out there for them. While replacing sink faucets is relatively easy, making sure that someone gets their money's worth is dramatically tougher. Today, shoppers will learn a handful of important questions that they should ask before deciding on what sink faucets their home needs the most.

What kind of sink faucet do I want if I need flexibility?

Working in the kitchen can be made dramatically more difficult when people are restricted by their faucet. Fortunately, pull-out sink faucets have become more affordable than ever. Pull-out faucets allow users to pull the faucet away from the installation in order to better reach dishes of different sizes. Pull-out sink faucets are great for businesses and residential properties alike.

What is the best pull-out sink faucet for my home?

For someone that wants to pursue the pull-out sink faucet, they should make sure to consider the Delta Faucet Cassidy Single-Handle Kitchen Sink Faucet. This sprayer can be purchased for just $329 from Amazon and it features a magnetic docking station. This sink faucet is made of stainless steel and comes packaged with a lifetime warranty.

What is an affordable sink faucet for someone on a budget?

While most high-end faucet sinks are going to be expensive, there are affordable options out there. Shoppers at Target can get their hands on the Kraus Cirrus 4" Centerset Two-Handle Faucet Set for just $32.49. This faucet set is made with brushed nickel and features two different handles for temperature control.

What kind of sink works best for a more minimalist design?

For homeowners that want to keep their kitchen looking simple, it can help to have a single-lever sink faucet like the Peerless Single Handle Pull-Down Sprayer from WalMart. This faucet sink set costs just $69.99 and it features a soap dispenser and a completely stainless steel body. This is an affordable option that limits space usage for people in tighter kitchens.

What are the benefits of bar faucets?

Bar faucets aren't restricted for commercial applications, though they certainly can find a home there. A bar faucet provides users with extra space beneath their faucet and in their sink. Bar faucets can be as tall or short as people need and they are ideal when working with unwieldy dishes. The Comllen Bets Commercial Brushed Nickel Stainless Steel Single Handle Kitchen Sink Faucet from Amazon is only $34.99 and features the best of what bar-style faucets have to offer.

What are some unique features I can look for in my kitchen sink faucet?

One underrated feature that shoppers should be aware of is water filtration. Sink faucets can be purchased with built-in water filtration in the tap. Products like the APEC Water Systems FAUCET-CD-COKE-NP offer reverse osmosis filtration built right into their design. This system can be purchased directly from Amazon for just $42.22.

What kind of maintenance is required for water filtration sink faucets?

This style of faucet features a set of filters underneath the sink. It is important that homeowners make sure to regularly change the filters whenever they notice that the filtration system has slowed down. Depending on usage, filters can last anywhere from a couple of months to half of a year.

What are the benefits of thermostatic sink faucets?

Thermostatic sink faucets work with a single handle that controls both hot and cold temperature. Temperature is carefully controlled in thermostatic sink systems in order to prevent scalding and severe temperature fluctuations. Thermostatic options like the Hiendure 2-Hole Thermostatic Valve Faucets cost only $64 from Amazon.