Trucks are amazing utility vehicles for getting stuff done. From hauling furniture to keeping tools on hand, a truck can be a wonderful companion to someone who likes to work with their hands. Unfortunately, it can be hard to keep every tool required for a job on hand without the right toolbox. Thankfully, there are a variety of different truck toolboxes for sale. These toolboxes range in style, material, and size. In order to find the perfect truck toolbox, we need to first ask a couple of important questions. For shoppers interested in adding a new truck toolbox to their vehicle, keep on reading in order to learn some important information.

Are all truck toolboxes the same?

Nope! In fact, truck owners need to be very specific when they start shopping around for truck toolboxes. There are essentially three different types of truck toolbox: chest, crossover, and side-mounted toolboxes.

What are the benefits of a crossover toolbox?

A crossover toolbox will span the entire width of the back of a truck's bed. These boxes will typically be lifted off of the bed and mounted against the sides of the vehicle. Products like the UWS Crossover in Matte Black from Home Depot for $572 represent the most popular style of toolbox.

What is an affordable alternative to the UWS Crossover?

While the UWS Crossover is a fantastic truck toolbox, it can be pricy. Fortunately, a simple 60-inch Flush Mounted Truck Tool Box from Hope Depot only costs $299.67. This toolbox does not mount to the top sides of the truck and instead sits flush in the bed.

Why would I want a side-mounted toolbox for my truck?

For some truck owners, it is important to keep as much of the truck's bed open and available as possible. A side-mounted truck toolbox will leave the truck bed largely unobstructed. The 36" Truck Side Tool Box With Low Profile from UWS is only $453.41 and represents an ideal storage solution for space-limited trucks.

What is the best material for a truck toolbox?

There are many different material options for truck toolboxes, but aluminum tends to win out. At Lowe's, shoppers can get their hands on the Craftsman 69" x 12" x 13" Brite Aluminum Full-Size Truck Tool Box for just $149. This aluminum toolbox will be able to stave off weather concerns while maintaining long-term durability.

Are there any other color options for aluminum toolboxes?

There aren't a whole lot of options for toolbox colors in trucks, but there are a few. At Lowe's, shoppers can get their hands on the black Kobalt 69" x 19" x 18" Black Powder Coat Aluminum Full-Size Crossover Truck Tool Box for just $407.53. Not only is this black finish appealing, it is also incredibly resistant to potential elemental issues while outside.

Why would I want a powder coated truck toolbox?

Powder coating is a special type of finish that protects metal from the elements. A powder-coated toolbox will be more durable and capable of withstanding dents, scratches, and corrosion. While powder-coating won't make a toolbox invincible, it will definitely help.

What is the best toolbox for my truck?

Ultimately, getting the best truck toolbox is all about focusing on primary needs. Shoppers need to look at the size of their truck, the length, and width of their truck bed, and the types of tools that they plan on carrying around with them. No two toolboxes are going to provide the exact same benefits, so take some time and do the research.