Thanks to the convenient growth of mobile technology, having a pair of quality wireless earbuds is more important than ever. Whether someone wants earbuds for going to the gym or keeping them occupied on their daily commute, they can enjoy quality sound and convenience. With that being said, there are thousands of wireless earbud products available on the market and most people aren't educated in what features and qualities they should be looking for. Today, shoppers will learn eight different important questions to ask before purchasing their pair of wireless earbuds. Use the following questions as a guide to finding the best earbuds for your needs. Say goodbye to tangled wires once and for all.

What major features should I consider when shopping for wireless earbuds?

Primarily, shoppers are going to have to decide on two major choices: connectivity and style. Connectivity is important because shoppers will want to know that their wireless earbuds will work with their mobile device. When we talk about style, we are comparing in-ear and over-ear options. Right now, Apple AirPods are the most popular in-ear option on the market for just $159.00 from Walmart.

Why are Apple AirPods so popular and are they right for me?

Apple has always set the stage when it comes to mobile technology and the Apple AirPods are no different. The reason that these wireless earbuds are so popular is simple: they pair easily, charge quickly, and offer a wealth of different features. One of the best features that the Apple AirPods offer is the "Hey, Siri' voice activation mode. These are great wireless earbuds for iOS users.

What is the best minimalist wireless earbud option on the market?

For people that don't want to toe the line with an Apple product, there are other options available. The Jabra Elite 65t wireless headphones are an exciting option for just about everyone to consider. These minimalist earbuds are truly tiny but they are filled with high-end speakers. These earbuds feature 25 hours per charge as well as a wireless range of nearly 25 feet. The Jabra Elite 65t wireless earbuds can be purchased from Amazon for $169.99.

What are the benefits of noise-canceling earbuds?

For commuters, noise cancellation is just as important as sound quality. After all, how can a commuter enjoy their music or their podcast while hearing all of the sounds that surround them on the bus or on the train? The Bose QuietControl 30 wireless earbuds feature amazing noise-canceling abilities. These earbuds have a range of 33 feet and a battery life north of 10 hours when fully charged. Additionally, users of this set of wireless earbuds won't have to worry about the outside interfering with their listening experience. These earbuds can be purchased from Dell for $299.

Is the Bose name worth paying up for?

While the Bose QuietControl 30 wireless earbuds are among the most expensive options on the market, it isn't because of their name brand. While Bose has always been a leader in sound technology, the QuietControl 30 offers unrivaled noise-cancellation in a market that typically does not embrace the feature. For people who prioritize a calm ride with excellent sound, the Bose QuietControl 30 earbuds are ideal.

Aren't wireless earbuds easy to lose?

There have been nightmare stories about people misplacing their wireless earbuds ever since the style came into fashion. While it is true that wireless earbuds are easier to lose, some products do a great job of mitigating the risk. The Beats X are designed with minimal bulk in mind while allowing users to enjoy an elongated band so as to prevent easily losing the product. These earbuds feature proprietary technology from Apple and only cost $99.99 from Best Buy.

Which wireless earbuds offer the best battery?

Individuals who opt for Apple exclusive technology will no doubt enjoy the battery length of the Apple AirPods. These earbuds can last up to 20 hours with a charging case. As with all wireless earbuds, it is important to get a full charge before commencing use.

What is the most affordable wireless earbud option on the market?

For people that want a budget-friendly set of wireless earbuds, it is hard to beat the Xiaowu Wireless Earbuds. These Bluetooth earbuds cost only $38.95 when purchased through Amazon.