Job changes are surprisingly common in this day and age. Unlike previous generations, many of today's largest employers don't offer high wages or fixed, full-time schedules, resulting in a more volatile workforce as people struggle to find better, more stable positions. There are also people who have perfectly good jobs who have other reasons for wanting to move on. The big question often becomes, is the bird in the hand worth the two in the bush? Should you give up the job you have in favor of the unknown? Switching to a new job may require a leap of faith, but the rewards may justify the leap.

Does the new job provide room for advancement?

A common reason for people to start looking for a job is lack of room for advancement, so if you're considering moving to a new job, make sure you find out the job's potential, otherwise you're just moving from one situation to a very similar one.

Could I view the work area I would be in?

With so much of our time spent at the workplace, if you're going to be moving to a new job, it's important to find out what your work area will look like. You don't want to switch jobs and then find out you're stuck at a little desk in a smelly area of the office.

Could I meet the rest of the team?

Work environment isn't just about the physical area you'll be working in, it's also about the people who you will be working with. Face to face contact with your potential future team is a great way to get a first impression out of the people you'll be seeing every day.