Did you know 13 percent of all ID theft victims are seniors? That's why preventing identity theft is more important than ever, especially for people ages 65 and older, and AARP has the protection plans that you need. If you are looking for either a family or individual plan, AARP has the right TrustedID plan for you with exclusive AARP member discounts. Available to members of the AARP, these plans can cover your entire family, including children and grandchildren. In addition to providing credit reports and monitoring the profile that is compiled by the main credit reporting bureaus, these plans monitor the use of your medical benefits as well. The monitoring of Social Security numbers and all public records is a proactive way that these plans help prevent any unauthorized use or theft of your identity. There are even TrustedID specialists that are on call to immediately address any suspicious or fraudulent activity that you may experience. And in the event that your wallet is lost or stolen, TrustedID has a feature that safely and securely stores all of your information, making card and identification replacement a simple process. Don't fall victim to identity theft! These 8 important facts dispel any myths about the AARP Identity Theft Protection Plans.

What company does AARP partner with to offer its Protection Plans?

TrustedID is the company that AARP has partnered with to provide its members with one of the top identity theft protection plans available. This exclusive product, AARP® Identity Theft Protection from TrustedID is top-rated and comes with the security of working with a company known for the effectiveness of its Protection Specialists.

What are the benefits of AARP's plan with TrustedID?

The plans offer credit monitoring and alerts with the three major credit reporting bureaus, the active watch and reporting of any activity associated with your Social Security number, reporting of any updates to your public record, and notification of any use of your medical benefits. The TrustedID Lost Wallet feature will help you to replace any lost or stolen cards as well as your identification.

Are citizens 50+ more likely to have their identities stolen?

According to the FBI consumers aged 50 and older are the fastest growing segment of online shoppers and internet users which can increase the likelihood of becoming a victim of identity theft or fraud.

Does having good credit make a consumer a more attractive target for identity thieves?

Homeowners and those who possess a strong credit profile are more likely to be targeted for identity theft as there is more of a potential payoff for the thieves. This strong financial standing is a beacon for unscrupulous criminals.

Who can be added to the AARP Identity Theft Protection family plan?

Family plans can include up to four people, yourself and one other adult, and up to two children or grandchildren that are under the age of 25.

What is the average cost of an AARP Identity Theft Protection Plan?

There are family and individual plans available, both of which can be paid on an annual or monthly basis. The family plan is priced at one annual payment of $209.99 or $24.99 per month for up to four people following 14-days free. Individual plans are one annual payment of $109.99 or $12.99 per month, again following a free period of 14 days.

Is it possible to add more than three other people to a family plan?

The base family plan includes two adults and two children (under the age of 25) for the regular price. If there are additional family members under the age of 25 to be added, members can do so for $5 per year per child or grandchild.

Do the plans include any insurance for those that fall victim to identity theft?

Yes, the plans offer $1 million of coverage, underwritten by American Bankers Insurance Company of Florida or its affiliates. As this type of insurance is not available in all areas, check with your AARP representative to understand all benefits of your plan.