[AD:foo]Address labels can add a spark of panache to any correspondence, and can standardize the look of your communications. They are also a practical way to send off letters and packages without going to the trouble of handwriting your return address on every single piece of paper you send through the mail. Just like a greeting card or like stationary, address labels can be altered to fit almost any occasion. Custom address labels may be made for wedding invitations, for business correspondence, for birthdays, or for something as basic as sending off bills. Read through the questions below to decide what kind of address labels you should get.

Should you get free address labels?

While free address labels won't be as customizable or as high quality as those that you may purchase, many companies do provide basic address labels for free, or as a bonus for purchasing other products from them. Charities often send out free return address labels to people who are on their mailing lists, and stationary and office supply companies may throw in free return address labels for those who order their products. With a little bit of research and some good luck, you'll be able to find basic address labels for free.

Should you create your own address labels?

Another trick for getting nearly free address labels is to create your own using an address label template. It's simple to find free address label templates online, if they aren't already part of the suite of programs in your operating system.  Simply download the template, type your information into the template, and print on label sheets.

Do these address labels go with your wedding invitations?

If the appearance of customizable address labels matters on ordinary correspondence, then it matters more when the labels are affixed to wedding invitations. Weddings have become perfectly coordinated big business, from the save the date cards and the invitations to the lavish gowns and expensive venues. With so much emphasis on coordination and appearance, the design of the return address labels on the wedding invitations matters almost as much as the design of the invitations themselves.

Are these address labels reflective of myself and my family?

Some people choose to customize their address labels by including tiny prints of family pictures off to one side of the address. These are usually more expensive than other address labels. The cost could be worth it if you want to give your personal correspondence a friendly touch that truly reflects your family life.

Are these address labels reflective of my business?

Customized address labels are particularly important to those people who own their own small businesses. With a few simple flourishes, an address label can distinguish your correspondence or mailed products from the surrounding mail. The design of these address labels also serves to communicate the tone of your business, from whimsical to serious. For example, an interior design firm may choose to order more artistic customized address labels than an accounting firm.

Are these address labels business appropriate?

Address labels for personal correspondence may have a fun, quirky design. Business appropriate correspondence labels should usually be less personal and more functional. Rather than showcasing your personality or that of your family, business address labels, such as those for correspondence with companies or for paying bills, should be have a basic design.

Are these address labels appropriate as a gift?

Highly personalized, high-quality address labels can make a charming housewarming gift for friends. That being said, it's always important to make sure that the hosts of the housewarming party aren't expecting a larger gift, and that the labels reflect who they are, and where they live.

Do you need address labels?

Address labels are quick, convenient, and come in handy when you have multiple packages to mail. Whether you get highly customized expensive labels, or basic, free labels, they make mailing packages that much faster. Of course, if you rarely mail letters, bills, or packages, then it may not be worth the trouble of finding address labels in the first place. If you're constantly mailing letters, then investing in address labels is a good idea. If you only send off a couple pieces of mail a year, then a pen should work just as well.