Hiring an asbestos removal contractor is essential to protect yourself and others from mesothelioma and other asbestos-related conditions. Asbestos is a dangerous substance used in the construction of many older buildings, and the substance can go airbone and inhaled when disturbed during construction or renovation projects. Building owners must hire asbestos contractors to do inspections before they can start construction, renovation or demolition projects, and licensed contractors must complete the work of asbestos mitigation. Three of the nation's top-rated asbestos abatement companies are Earth Services & Abatement, National Demolition Contractors and NorthStar. Read on to learn more about how to find the best asbestos removal contractor for your needs.

Is this asbestos removal contractor licensed by the state?

Always make sure that an asbestos contractor is properly licensed. The licensing requirements are different in each state, so be sure to ask plenty of questions and ask to see proof of certification. The national-level abatement contractors such as Earth Services & Abatement, National Demolition Contractors and NorthStar are licensed to work in various locales.

What is this contractor's rate?

Always ask for rates and estimates from asbestos removal contractors. Give preference to contracting companies that send people out to your property for in-person estimates.

What does this asbestos removal service entail?

What will your fee cover if you hire an asbestos removal contractor? Don't settle for a company that only provides removal services; costs should also include air quality monitoring and waste disposal services. Earth Services & Abatement, National Demolition Contractors and NorthStar are known to handle projects both large and small that often require comprehensive services.

Can I check your references?

Reputable asbestos removal contractors can provide you with references that will vouch for the quality of their work. However, be sure to do your own homework, too. Check with the Better Business Bureau and look for online reviews from other customers. Northstar and National Demolition Contractors feature project galleries on their websites, too.

When is this contractor free to do the work?

Asbestos mitigation isn't a fast process. Depending on when you need to start your renovation project, the timing of various contractors could be a big factor. Always ask about timelines and availability when comparing your options.

What process of asbestos removal does this contractor use?

Different asbestos removal experts work using different methods, and you should be aware of these methods before making a choice. Some options for asbestos removal may result in longer project durations or higher costs.

How long is your work guaranteed?

Virtually all asbestos contractors guarantee their work. Ask how long these contractors will guarantee their work and what the process is if problems arise later.

How do you handle budget overages?

It's not uncommon for major mitigation projects to run over budget. Ask about how budget overages are handled and what kinds of options you'll be given should this issue arise.