Sleeping is more than just something to do in between work hours. Much of the energy that individuals need to thrive throughout the day is embedded in a good night's sleep. Sadly, though, many adults do not get enough rest and, hence, perform poorly on the job. The remedy to getting a full night of sleep is often found in the individual's ability to fall asleep and remain in such a state throughout the night. Unfortunately, though, many adults toss and turn during their resting periods, which means that they do not receive the benefits of uninterrupted sleep. Cooling pads can be great tools to help individuals remain at rest so that they are ready to conquer the day. How do cooling pads work, though? And, are there different kinds of toppers? The answers to these questions and more are ahead!

Do cooling pads actually work?

Yes, cooling pads actually work. The pads are designed to assist the body in maintaining healthy body temperature throughout the night so the person is not disrupted by excessively warm sessions. The secret to cooling pads is the material that leads to reduced sweating. A body that sweats less during the night is one that is essentially cooled. The heat that the body emits is ultimately absorbed in the pad and distributed evenly throughout the mattress. A cooling pad, then, acts as a sort of referee by distributing proper amounts of heat.

What are two of the best-rated cooling pads?

The masses agree that the Mattress Protector sold by My Pillow and the Extreme Cool Waterproof King Mattress Protector exclusively sold by The Home Depot are the ideal choices for those looking for the best cooling pads. The My Pillow Mattress Protector ($84.99-$139.99) offers soft and durable fabric that does not irritate the skin during the night. This item is also machine washable and has an elastic hem.

The Extreme Cool Waterproof King Mattress Protector ($79.99) sold by The Home Depot also comes with perks. This cooling pad stretches to fit your mattress so that you get a snug fit that remains in place throughout the night. This cool-to-the-touch fabric is waterproof and easy to clean.

How does one get the most out of his or her pad?

Insulated rooms allow cooling pads the greatest opportunities to perform well. It is a good idea to close all windows, blinds, and shutters during the day. Open the windows in the evening for better circulation and ultimately a more cooling experience.

What is Chili technology?

Chili technology involves the process of both heating and cooling the mattress. The system is equipped with two units and utilizes two small tubes to send heated or cooled water to the mattress pad. The ChiliPAD ($499) is great for individuals looking to use mattress toppers all year round. This pad eliminates the need to make significant changes to the sleeping area for added comfort.

What are some different types of cooling pads?

Bamboo is becoming a more popular material choice for those looking to be environmentally-friendly while searching for the ideal cooling pad. This choice lets the user experience all the perks of a mattress topper while positively impacting the planet. Gel memory foam is, of course, a traditional staple in the cooling pad family. This type of topper adds an unmatched level of comfort that moves with the sleeper's body.

What are some benefits of SHEEX COMFORTZN?

SHEEX COMFORTZN ($119.99) is gaining more popularity among cooling pads because of 37.5 Technology. There is scientific proof that this 37.5 technical fibers reduce the body's temperature during resting periods. SHEEX names its celebrated pad COMFORTZN for a reason as experts believe the mattress protector keeps individuals in a state of complete comfort longer than any of its competitors currently on the market.

When should a cooling pad be replaced?

Cooling pads should be replaced in the same manner that mattresses ought to be replaced. The average mattress lasts anywhere from eight to ten years. Likewise, a cooling pad should not be kept longer than ten years. Ideally speaking, replacing the cooling pad every three years is likely the best way to avoid issues with sleeping due to discomfort. It is certainly a good idea to consider a new pad if waking up with neck and back pain becomes the norm.

When is the best time to purchase cooling pads?

Black Friday is a great time to shop for cooling pads. Many retailers offer steep discounts that allow you to pay nearly half the price for a mattress topper. Shopping between February and May is also a great way to save money on cooling pads. It is usually during this time that retailers receive new merchandise and, hence, reduce prices to make room for the new items.