It's no secret that traveling can be quite an uncomfortable ordeal. Whether it's via train, plane, automobile or by foot, it's worth dressing comfortably for the journey. Footwear is perhaps one of the most important outfit items of all, as choosing the wrong shoe can be the difference between arriving at your destination in ease or feeling exhausted and in pain. There are a lot of shoes out there to choose from, and of course, not all are created equal. It's also important to realize that spending a lot of money doesn't necessarily mean getting a product that will last trip after trip. Fortunately, both quality and good deals can be found in brands like Tropicfeel, Teva and Allen Edmonds. All of them offer men's travel shoes that are highly rated and crafted from quality materials, without breaking the bank.

What are Tropicfeels?

Tropicfeel is a fantastic brand for men who are in the market for versatile, supportive-yet-casual traveling shoes. While they do have some more formal-looking footwear, the real gems here are their sneaker designs. 

What are the best TropicFeel shoes?

The Tropicfeel Canyon and the Tropicfeel Monsoon are especially worth considering, as they are lightweight and quick-drying as well as supportive. Another cool feature is their odor-control system, allowing wearers to keep them on all day (or however long the journey is) without worrying about some serious stink once they come off. As Tropicfeel advertises, you can even swim in these shoes and be dry and sweat-free within no time. 

What are the cost of Tropicfeel shoes?

Each shoe normally retails for upwards of $110, but can be found for $99 on Amazon. These make Tropicfeels a highly affordable shoe for men who want to save and have enough money to enjoy their vacation.

What are the best sandals for travel?

For those who prefer a comfy pair of sandals while traveling, there's Teva. This long-standing brand makes an array of comfortable, yet supportive, sandals that are great for traveling. They also fit in alongside regular beach and outdoor sandals, so travelers can save a little packing space. 

Does Teva offer open-toed designs for men?

Teva also makes both open and closed-toe designs, giving men plenty of options. For example, the open-toe Teva Men's Hudson Sandal (normally $65+ but currently $55 on offers contoured support and lined straps to prevent blistering and chafing during long periods of use. The shoe also grips a wide range of flooring and terrain just like a good pair of sneakers.

Does Teva offer closed-toed designs?

 For those that prefer a closed toe, there's the Teva Men's Omnium 2 (normally $80+ but currently $69.99 on Amazon). This sport sandal functions like a water-resistant sneaker while having the lightweight, airy comfort of a sandal.

What are the best shoes for business travel?

Now, for many men traveling in casual wear isn't always an option. For those who are on business trips and have to maintain a professional appearance, there's Allen Edmonds. Travelers would do well to check out their Wilbert Comfort line (normally $295 but currently reduced to $219 on Allen Edmonds's website) in particular. This line offers multiple dress and loafer styles with water resistance and hidden cushioned foot support. The shoes also have rubber soles with traction, making them ideal for rushing through airports, train stations, streets, etc. and straight into board rooms and meetings. Allen Edmonds also offers convenient financing options to customers.

Can these shoes be returned?

A lot of men may want to stock up on multiple styles of good travel shoes to ensure comfort throughout their trip. And of course, it's important to try out everything before committing to purchase. The good news is that all of these retailers offer free returns (within a limited amount of time) on most shoe styles, so there's nothing to lose!