Almond milk is an excellent alternative to dairy products, particularly for those with sensitivities to soy or an aversion to the taste of coconut milk. Major almond milk producers, such as Silk, Blue Diamond and So Delicious have built up a large range of product offerings extending beyond drinks alone to include ice cream, creamers and yogurts. Within the drink sphere, unsweetened, plain, vanilla and chocolate options are standard. Seasonal products and special drinks can include hot chocolate and "eggnog," making it easy for the dairy-free to celebrate any occasion with traditional milk drinkers. Across most brands, unsweetened options are a good alternative to milk for cereal due to a less heavy taste and a greater focus on the food. For a solo glass, vanilla flavors provide a cool treat while chocolate almond milk can become a favorite nighttime indulgence.

What blends does Silk almond milk offer?

Silk provides a variety of almond milk products, including unique blends with other dairy alternative options. Silk Almond Coconut blend and an unsweet Almond Coconut Blend are prime examples. Other flavors also rotate throughout Silk's lineup. Each half-gallon generally costs $2.98 at Wal-Mart and is eligible for coupon use and price matching.

What are alternate Blue Diamond options beyond plain almond milk?

Blue Diamond almond milk costs $2.68 per half-gallon in the refrigerated section of most grocery stores like Wal-Mart. This price applies to unique flavor offerings such as Hint of Honey, Horchata and Mexican Hot Chocolate. Single-quart flavor options also include the seasonal nog drink.

Is So Delicious Dairy Free Almond Milk good for smoothies?

So Delicious Almond Milk provides a consistency perfect for smoothies. At $2.98 a half-gallon, one container can boost the nutritional content of eight 8-ounce smoothies. So Delicious almond milk is also an excellent option for a straight mix with protein powders when you prefer boosting their flavor.

Is Silk available in multiple sizes?

Yes. Silk is available in half-gallon containers in the refrigerated section as well as a pre-packaged two-pack to make a one-gallon option. Single quart packages are typically found in the cereal aisle as are eight-ounce packages. An 18-pack of eight-ounce single-serve silk vanilla almond milks costs $18.99 on Amazon as a one-time purchase and is eligible for 5% and 15% off subscribe and save promotions.

Can I use So Delicious in food recipes?

So Delicious is a great option for quick mixes, such as oatmeal and biscuits, and also for more ambitious baking projects that call for milk. The consistency makes it a perfect dairy substitute, and it provides an additional nutty taste to baked goods. So Delicious also provides other almond milk products, such as ice cream and other treats, that can complement a dessert.

Does Blue Diamond almond milk provide a smooth taste?

Blue Diamond is an almond company that also makes almond milk. It produces a super smooth almond milk product, particularly in vanilla and original flavors. The consistency of the product makes it an excellent standalone "treat" drink or a straight milk replacement in cereals.

What are the best ways to save money on almond milk?

Major brands like Silk, Blue Diamond and So Delicious are available in shelf-stable options through online retailers. Many online stores, such as Amazon, provide a discount when you set up a continuity order. Other options are $1 or more off coupons that encourage purchasing multiple products at one time.

Can I store almond milk when I buy it on sale?

Yes. Shop the shelf-stable one-quart options at the grocery store or online to store almond milk when you have coupons or a discount on single-serve options.