If you start your day off with a cup of coffee, it's important for you to find the best coffee creamer out there to go along with it. These days, many coffee creamers are available so that you might be uncertain of which one is best. Doing some research is important or you'll miss out on that perfect cup of coffee that will motivate you to get going in the morning or any time in the day when you need an energy boost. You need to find the answers to a few pertinent questions to pinpoint the creamer that's best for your needs and preferences. The following are eight important questions to ask to find the perfect creamer.

Which coffee creamer has the best taste?

A lot of coffee drinkers focus on taste more than any other factor. If taste is your primary consideration, you don't mind paying a little extra and you're not too health-conscious in your creamer choice. Try Nestle Coffee-mate's original creamer with sweetening which costs $12.98 for a 50.7 fluid ounce pack on Amazon.

Which coffee creamer offers the best value?

Those constantly on the lookout for a good deal want the highest quality creamer they can get for the best price. Dunkin Donuts coffee and creamer products offer good value across the board. They also come in a variety of different flavors and varieties. For a quart of the original Dunkin Donuts coffee creamer, you can expect to pay $3.49 at Target.

Are creamers available that don't need to be refrigerated?

You might want to have coffee in your car or in another location where refrigeration isn't available. In this case, you'll want a creamer that doesn't require refrigeration. Fortunately, there are both liquid and powder creamers out there that won't go bad outside of the fridge. You can get a whole pack of 50 Coffee-mate liquid creamer 0.38 ounce containers online for $7.49 at Quill.com.

How much sugar is there in coffee creamers?

If you're diabetic or looking to minimize your sugar consumption for dietary reasons, you'll be happy to know that you have many sugar-free creamers to choose from. Sugar-free creamers offer the advantage of being generally low in calories. If you can't have sugar but wish to sweeten your coffee, choose a creamer containing sucralose or another type of artificial sweetener.

What flavors are available in coffee creamers?

You might not be satisfied by the coffee flavor alone. There are a lot of flavored creamers out there you could try if you're looking for a little more taste. Vanilla, hazelnut, and Irish cream are the most common flavors out there. However, nowadays there are many other options out there like caramel, sweet cream, mocha, cinnamon, and more.

Which creamer is best if you're limited to non-dairy products?

Lactose intolerant coffee drinkers need to find a non-dairy creamer. You can find non-dairy creamers that are either refrigerated or non-refrigerated. You can also find non-dairy creamers that are made using non-dairy milk types including soy milk, almond milk, coconuts milk, and more. One quality non-dairy creamer out there is the coconut milk coffee creamer from So Delicious. This creamer sells for $4.49 from Target.

Which coffee creamer has no fat?

You may be on a diet and looking to minimize your fat intake. You can find a non-fat coffee creamer that either contains dairy or is non-dairy. International Delight offers a fat-free flavored dairy-based creamer that sells for $2.94 at Walmart.

How is it possible to sample several creamers conveniently?

When you're not sure which creamer you want, you can purchase a sample pack. Coffee-mate sells a variety pack of six different creamer flavors that can be purchased on Amazon for $20.14