The Samsung Galaxy Fold is here! For the person who wants a little more out of their smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy Fold is the device for them. Offering a huge display and the ability to fold for easier storage in your pocket, the Galaxy Fold is like an ultra-portable tablet and phone all-in-one. It can be transformed back and forth between the two simply by folding it. It also features an extraordinary camera that can take quality selfies and professional shots in any environment. Get a better look at your photos and videos on a vibrant high-definition display. Experts are raving about the Samsung Galaxy Fold that redefines what a smartphone can be. Ask these questions to learn more.

What should I know about the fold display?

The primary feature which most customers are going to want to know about, of course, is the Fold's folding screen. Consumers can access a 7.3-inch screen with an astonishingly clear display. Multi-tasking is a breeze and battery life can last an entire day. Despite its versatility, it is extremely compact and can be carried around easily. The articulated spine allows for smooth movement and can lock into place, so you don't have to hold it open like a book. When folded, you can use the Fold's front display to easily access your phone.

What major carriers offer the Galaxy Fold?

The cell phone part of this device is unlocked. Therefore, it is compatible with some of the leading phone service merchants. A list of compatible merchants is available online.

What Is the storage capacity of the Fold?

The Samsung Galaxy Fold boasts an impressive 512 GB of internal storage and up to 12 GB of RAM. Users have been able to run literally dozens of apps without any difficulty. They can also install games and stream offline music without its performance suffering.

What is the camera like?

The Galaxy Fold features six professional grade camera lenses for capturing high-resolution videos and photos. With the Infinity Flex Display, you'll have a massive viewfinder for your photos. Get clear photos from every possible angle, including ultra-wide shots for panoramic scenes. Videos can be shot with up to 4K resolution and HDR10+.

What is the charging time like?

The Galaxy Fold uses Samsung's Fast Wireless Charging technology to ensure a quick charge and all-day battery. It also works with wireless charging stations that require no phone plug-in. With wireless PowerShare, you can place your wireless earbuds or smartwatch on top of your phone and charge them too.

Where can the Galaxy Fold be purchased?

The Galaxy Fold is available at a variety of retailers online, including Amazon. has a deal for a lower price of $2,394.99 which is over $300 less than the original price. However, this is for the international version. Plus, they have free shipping and additional money off if you get approved for their store card. Purchase the Galaxy Fold at Best Buy for just $1,929.99, saving $50 or finance the phone at a 0% APR, getting it for just $66 per month for 30 months.

What is AT&T offering?

Credible sources say that the AT&T stores are currently offering a great deal. They have brand new Folds in stock now for less than $2,000.00. A well-informed associate can demonstrate how to use the Fold and give you details on their deals including AT&T Next Up service for just $5 per month.

How do I use a carrier of my choice?

As mentioned before, the phone comes unlocked. This means you'll need to get a SIM card for your preferred carrier then go through the necessary activation steps to get service for your device. Sometimes, depending on the carrier, there may be an activation fee.