Post smartphone, the watch has been elevated from a necessity for the busy professional to an accessory capable of conveying status, aspirations and style. As more watches embrace aesthetics while retaining a focus on function, design is ticked up a notch. The modern watch is still reliable, but it is first and foremost a statement piece. Whether it has vintage lines and a decidedly retro feel to convey its new station or is sleek, futuristic and digital to keep pace with the changing times, a wristwatch is a luxury item now more than ever. The most mind-blowing modern watches are masterpieces of mechanics and electronics. Luckily for the consumer, there is a classy watch option for almost every budget. ask these questions about the most mind-blowing modern watches.

What can you tell me about the Audemars Piguet 11.59?

This watch is produced by a Swiss watchmaker. The watch was worked on for five years to ensure the greatest quality and perfection. Some of the distinctive characteristics of this watch include its exposed screws and angular case. This watch comes in 13 different reference options including six models. There are also now three calibres to choose from that are new. 

What is EDP?

EPD stands for electrophoretic display, as featured on the Seiko Active Matrix EPD E-Ink. This watch harnesses this EPD technology to create an impressive display. The Seiko Active Matrix IPD E-Ink watch has a screen that has 300 dots per inch (dpi) for its imagery. It also offers a surprisingly wide viewing angle. This makes it highly easy to read and gives the watch an attractive and high-tech appearance. 

Does Tag Heuer still make watches?

Yes, and the Tag Heuer Autavia is one of the best. This watch was inspired by automotive and aviation design. This watch was traditionally part of the Tag Heuer collection and has recently been revived after being discontinued back in 1985. The modern reincarnation of the Autavia features carbon-composite engineering which offers the advantage of anti-magnetism. The watch offers impressive precision and a SuperLuminova luminous index to keep its hands visible regardless of the lighting. The watch also features simple strap switching so that the watch can be adjusted to look more formal or offer greater durability and comfort depending on the occasion.

What is the best smartwatch?

If you want the smartwatch out on the market with the greatest number of functions and capabilities, get the Apple Watch. The Apple Watch Series 5 is now available. The Apple Watch can do a lot of things your smartphone can do. In addition to messaging and calling, the Apple Watch can also handle fitness tracking, online shopping, and use apps. 

Are there any watches with an LED?

The Kisai Sensai Pure LED.  This is a strikingly futuristic looking watch. This watch works differently than any other watch out there. It doesn't show time through a traditional watch or digital display. Instead, the Kisai Sensai Pure LED shows time through an interesting display or red, yellow, and green LED lights. 

What makes the MCT Sequential One different?

This watch also has a unique way of showing the wearer the time. The watch uses a system of rotating discs and shutters that shows what time it is. This watch is clearly innovative and uses high end watchmaking techniques to display the time. In addition to its unique mechanism for time keeping, the Sequential One also offers classic finishing, perlage, bridges that are polished and beveled, and polished screw heads.

What is unique about the Seiko Spring Drive?

One of the most unique and impressive features of the Seiko Spring Drive watch is that it uses mechanical energy to generate energy as its power source. The Spring Drive is powered through a mainspring. This makes it so that the watch never needs to have its battery replaced and is highly precise. 

What is the best Victorinox watch?

The Victorinox Inox was launched just recently back in 2018. This is one of the most durable watches available. In fact, this watch has been tested in a variety of outlandish ways and stands up to incredibly rugged treatment. This watch has been covered in corrosive liquids and even run over by vehicles in testing and impressively can stand up quite well to even this type of treatment. If what you need is a rugged watch that will stand up to the harshest of demands, the Victorinox Inox is a good option.