Anti fatigue mats can be a lifesaver around the office. As the #1 defense against office fatigue, anti fatigue mats are designed to reduce fatigue caused by standing for long periods of time on hard surfaces. These mats can help with discomfort and health issues related to standing for extended periods of time. Available in a variety of different shapes, sizes, materials and textures, anti fatigue mats are suitable for any business in which employees are standing on a sales, factory or other kind of floor. These anti fatigue mats are readily available from stores like Staples, Office max and online retailers such as Amazon. If your business is in need of an anti fatigue mat, ask these questions to learn more.

What materials are offered?

As mentioned, anti fatigue mats are made from a variety of different materials such as carpeting, rubber, vinyl and wood. Which one you choose will depend on visibility and practicality among other factors.

What will a anti fatigue mat do for my employees?

Anti fatigue mats will help your employees combat fatigue from standing. Discomfort in the feet and legs can build making employees exhausted by the days end and not to forget quite sore. With an anti fatigue mat you can eliminate much of this discomfort.

How do anti fatigue mats prevent health disorders?

As employees stand for prolonged periods of time on hard surfaces, continuous pressure on the joints, feet and limbs can cause the individual to develop lower limb disorders or issues relating to the hip. Installing a soft mat to a work station can eliminate this stress.

What will anti fatigue mats do for me as an employer?

Anti fatigue mats will help your business run faster and more efficiently. Because employees will be able to stand around for longer periods of time without getting tired as easily, they'll be able to work harder and more effectively. A happy employee will make for better business.

Do I need an anti slip mat?

Buying an anti slip anti fatigue mat may be necessary for employees working on slippery surfaces. This will not only keep them active but safe as well. Slippery floors may benefit from rubber mats or mats with rubber backing at the very least.

Does this mat have sloped edges?

Sloped edges can be incredibly important when it comes to work safety. Mats without sloped edges may be a trip hazard for workers. be sure that the mat you choose has a sloped edge to prevent lawsuits within the company.

Is the mat easy to clean?

If working in an office where dirty feet are common, an easy to clean mat may be extremely important for the safety of employees of course, but also for the sake of appearances.

How much will anti fatigue mats cost?

Lower quality mats may cost less than $50, but higher quality mats may cost nearly 4 times as much. It may be worthwhile to invest in a higher quality mat for the sake of employees, but a lower quality one is better than none.