If you want to protect your car, then you need a clear auto bra. You want your vehicle and the investment that it represents to stay as pristine as the day you bought it. You will want to have protection against the forces of nature that could damage the vehicle's appearance. So what is a clear auto bra? A clear auto bra is a clear protective film that covers the front of your vehicle from acids, salt and sand, bugs, chips, stones, and weather that may damage your car. This film protects your car while maintaining your paint job. You can protect the fenders, hood, mirrors, bumper, headlights, any painted surface, or all of the above. Here are the top questions about clear auto bras.

How Is The Auto Bra Applied?

A computer is used to print out the exact size that you need for the area that you are covering. For example, if you were applying a clear auto bra to the front of your Porscha, it would be manufactured to the exact specification of the model of your vehicle. The film is applied precisely to the desired area, similar to window tinting.

What Is The 3M Clear Auto Bra?

3M Ventureshield Clear Auto Bra is an 8-mil urethane film. The 3M auto bra uses an adhesive that is pressure-sensitive, making it optically invisible but extremely strong. Bumper kits usually start at $150 per piece and are purchased based on the make and model of your specific vehicle. You will need a professional to install these auto bras. 

What Is The Lamin-X Protective Film Clear Bra Film?

The Lamin-X Clear Bra is film protection that is made from a 8-mil polyurethane film. This film is applied directly to the surface of your car. These are sold as prefabricated kits, and are shipped with the tools needed to apply them yourself. These kits start around $450 for a Toyota Prius Prime clear bra kit and can cost upwards of $900.

What Is The XPEL Paint Protection Film?

XPEL uses multiple thicknesses and sheens for their clear auto bras. The Ultimate Plus is a urethane film that self-heals, is stain-resistant, and has superior optical clarity. The hood kits start in the $230 range. The Stealth is the go-to for matte, magno, frosted, or frozen finishes, and starts in the $300 range. TRACWRAP is perfect for racing enthusiasts and DIY-ers, while ARMOR is a 13-mil film designed for industrial, off-road, and commercial use.

What Is The Solar Gard Clearshield Pro?

Clearshield Pro uses a unique paint protection film to protect your vehicle from road debris. It begins with a release layer, then the adhesive, a urethane film, and then finally the Clearshield Pro infused top coat. Clearshield Pro protects against discoloration, cracks, change, wear-throughout, and debris such as salt, bugs, and sand. Costs range from $300 and up.

What Is The SunTek Paint Protection Film?

SunTek's paint protection film is a nearly invisible film that covers your vehicle and protects it from road debris such as salt, insects, and rocks. This film self-heals, and has a HydroResist top coat to resist stains and retain the vehicle's original finish. SunTek comes in Ultra, for high gloss or matte, 10-year warranty, and the self-healing hydroresist; C for high gloss, 5-year warranty and self-healing; and M for matte finishes with a 5-year limited warranty and self-healing top coat.

Can I Apply A Topcoat Sealant?

Topcoat sealants, such as cQuartz or Opticoat, will not hurt your clear auto bra or interfere with the film protection. However, it is advised that you do not apply sealant directly on top of the areas that will be covered with the clear auto bra. The clear auto bra will provide more protection than a sealant will.

How Long Does A Clear Auto Bra Installation Take?

The installation process for a clear auto bra will range depending on the surface area that is being covered. For one small area, it could take around an hour. However, the surface area to be covered and the size of the vehicle will cause that time to vary - it could take a couple of hours, to even a couple of days, depending on the installation area. Check with your local dealer to preorder your protective film and for installation timeframes.