Fire screens can be both practical and decorative. Firescreens also keep direct heat off of those sitting close to the fire. They also have a more practical use keeping embers from flying out of the fire and damaging floor, carpets and furniture. They also keep small children and pets from getting too close to an open fire. Today's fire screens offer a combination of function and good looks and can be had in a variety of sizes and styles to suit any budget. From traditional to ultra-modern, every fashion taste is catered to with these fire screens. Read on to learn more about fire screens styles and options.

When should a mesh fire screen be used?

A mesh fire screen is most often used with a wood-burning fire. Be sure that the mesh is tight enough to offer the correct protection. While mesh may not sound very exciting, there is much more in the way of style to a mesh fire screen than the name would imply.

Where can I buy discounted mesh fireplace screens?

Black Forest Decor offers a mesh fire screen with a metal art moose on the center panel which sells for $109.95 16 percent off the regular price of $130.95. They also offer a black bear on the center panel for $99,95 discounted from a regular price of $118.95. Free shipping is offered on orders over $99.

Are there any deals at Wayfair?

Wayfair also offers a huge selection of fire screens of every variety at a terrific price. Wayfair sells the single panel Chaliah steel fire screen for $105.99 which is 24 percent off the regular price of $140.04.

What do I need to know about glass fire screens?

Glass fire screens come in several different styles. They can be an insert that fit tightly into the fireplace opening or they can be freestanding. Inserts typically have doors that open when the fire needs tending. The metal edges come in different colors and they do offer some style options but the free-standing fire screens offer the greatest variety of style and color.

What glass fire screens are available?

If Mission is the preferred style, Wayfair has a stylish looking fire screen called Benjamin from Chloe Lighting which features green glass and good looks for $269.99 which is a saving of 29 percent off the normal price of $381.25. Pottery Barn sells a Modern Glass Tri-Panel fire screen for $449 which comes in black or brass.

Do folding firescreens need to be installed?

Folding fire screens are free-standing. Try to imagine a peacock with their feathers spread and that is what a folding fan-shaped fire screen looks like. It is easy to move when the fire requires tending, and in the off-season, they fold up and can be easily stored away. However, most are pretty enough to be left out year-round. The peacock ones are mostly made of brass and usually found in antique or second-hand stores.

Where can I folding screens?

Many retailers carry modern versions of a folding fire screen most often in three panels. Some of these overlap with the previous mentioned glass and mesh screens. QVC offers a combination glass and mess fire screen from Plow and Hearth for $230.45 and an additional $20.22 for shipping and handling.

How can I be sure I have the right firescreen for my home?

Adding a fire screen can add a decorative touch to a room or they can be very basic and just offer protection from flying embers. Finding the perfect fire screen takes a little time and research. Good measurements are imperative to be sure that the screen fits correctly.