Alzheimer’s is a serious concern for many elderly people, but an even greater concern for their loved ones. As any family with parents or grandparents who suffer from Alzheimer’s would know, the biggest concern for elderly loved ones is keeping them safe and giving them access to immediate medical attention when they need it. Medic Alert Alzheimer’s ID bracelets with GPS help alert emergency personal of Alzheimer patient status and alert them to the location of the emergency. The top 3 Medic Alert Alzheimer’s IDs include the Emergency Medical Alert Bracelet from The Alzheimer’s Store, Medic Alert + Alzheimer’s Association Safe Return and BlueWater Security GPS Tracking Locator Watch. If you are looking for a Medic Alert Alzheimer’s ID with GPS, ask these questions to help you find the right one.

Does this Medic Alert ID feature GPS?

GPS is an important feature no matter which Medical alert device you choose. GPS tracking can help emergency response teams to identify the exact location of a senior in need. Each of the top 3 medic alert Alzheimers IDs feature GPS.

How is personal information stored?

It is extremely important to understand how patient information and emergency contact information is stored when choosing a medic alert ID, because you want to be sure emergency response teams have quick access to the information they need to treat patients.

Will emergency contacts be alerted?

It is also exceedingly important to choose a medical alert service that will contact you in case of an emergency. When your loved one is in danger or has suffered a severe accident, as a family member, you don't want to be the last to know.

Does it link with a smart phone?

For seniors who have a smartphone it may be a selling point to choose a medical alert system that can link to your cell phone such as the BlueWater security watch. If your senior loved one does not have a smart phone there are plenty of devices that don't require one.

How comfortable is the ID bracelet?

It may seem relatively unimportant, especially if you aren't going to be the one wearing it, but you may want to be sure that the medic alert ID you choose is comfortable for the wearer. If the ID is uncomfortable the senior may want to take it off more often, ultimately defeating the purpose of having it.

How active is the senior?

A senior that is more active will need the best possible and accurate GPS tracking. A device like the BlueWater watch is the perfect device for seniors who drive, as it can work well for seniors out of the road who may become disoriented when driving.

Does it feature an easy to use panic button?

It may be exceedingly necessary to choose a medic alert device that has an easy to operate panic button so that a senior can contact emergency services immediately, so that there is little delay when your loved one needs help the most.

Can the patient be easily identified as an Alzheimers patient?

You'll want to be sure that the medic alert bracelet you choose cannot be mistaken for something else. Be sure that the bracelet or necklace you choose makes it easy for doctors, nurses, EMTs, paramedics or whoever to identify seniors as Alzheimers patients, so they may receive the best and most appropriate care.