[AD:foo]What kind of blinds should you purchase? This seems like a simple question, but with the wide variety of blinds on the market, choosing the right blinds for your home isn't always easy. The right blinds can brighten your room and add an accent to your décor. The wrong ones can clash horribly and lack functionality. Blinds come in various styles -- such as roller shades, cellular shades and vertical blinds -- and they can also be ordered in different colors and materials. You can buy from traditional home improvement stores or from online retailers such as 3dayBlinds and JustBlinds, and some of the top brands of blinds are Bali, Intercrown and Northern Heights. Ask the following questions to learn more about finding the right blinds.

Should I order blinds online?

Ordering blinds online can save you the trouble of going out to stores that specialize in window treatments. Instead, you can find and purchase window treatments from the comfort of your own home. The downside of ordering blinds online is that you can't see the product in person before you buy it, which prevents a close examination of the materials. If you want to be sure of the quality of the blinds you buy, either look at them in person beforehand, or order from a quality retailer that accepts returns.

Are motorized blinds worth the cost?

Motorized blinds are generally more expensive than manually operated blinds. Usually controlled via remote or a wall switch, some can be programmed to open and close at particular times. For most people, opening and closing blinds isn't much of a chore. For those who have issues with mobility or who have arthritis, opening or closing blinds may be more difficult. If you fall into the latter category, or if you simply enjoy the use of motorized gadgets, then motorized blinds may be worth the cost.

Should I buy vertical blinds or horizontal blinds?

The choice between vertical and horizontal blinds is largely aesthetic, but there are some functional differences between the two. Vertical blinds hang down from the top of the window or glass door. They are most popular for larger, longer windows, and for glass doors. Horizontal blinds unfurl from the top of the window, and run across the window rather than downward. They are more popular for smaller windows.

Should I buy blinds on sale?

If you are able to purchase discounted blinds that match your décor from a reputable retailer, then you may succeed in saving money and still procuring a valuable decorating piece. Just make sure that any window treatment that you purchase is high quality, and has not been created for the specific purpose of discount sale.

Should I invest in blinds or curtains?

Blinds and curtains have different effects on the ambiance of a room, and so far the choice is based on your own aesthetic choices. The functional difference between curtains and blinds is that blinds can be more exactly controlled to let in different levels of daylight.

Should I install my own blinds, or hire someone to do it for me?

How handy are you? If you feel confident in your ability to assemble a piece of furniture and fix the simpler things that go wrong in your home, and you have the necessary tools, then you can probably put up blinds without too much trouble. If you aren't confident in your fix-it skills, or if you simply don't feel like going to the trouble of installing new blinds yourself, then it may be simpler to hire someone else to do it.

What kind of material should my blinds be?

Blinds can be made out of several materials, including wood, cloth, vinyl, aluminum, and more. Those made from non-porous materials are easier to clean than cloth blinds. With that exception, the decision as to which material your blinds should be made from need only concern your own tastes and the other furnishings in the room.

Should I invest in blackout blinds?

Blackout blinds are often popular in bedrooms, particularly for those people who have trouble sleeping, or who tend to sleep during the day. If you sleep best in complete darkness, and streetlights, moonlight, or daylight interrupt your snoozing, then blackout blinds may be a good investment for you.