Business-class airfare is great for travelers who want privacy, better service and more quality rest during lengthy flights. Although business class is typically a rung below first class, sometimes the benefits of the two are indistinguishable. Typically, business-class seats can be pulled out into lie-flat beds  that allow for easier sleep, and most business class flights provide passengers with seats to themselves. The actual seats may not be as plush as first-class seating, but the level of service is similar and costs are often significantly cheaper. That said, the business class experience is different not just from airline to airline, but also depending on the type of plane you're boarding. Ask the following questions to learn more about business class airfare deals before booking your travel plans.

What is the price difference between business class and first class?

If you're booking business class plane tickets, always ask about the price differences between first-class and business-class seating. Sometimes, business class airfare is much cheaper, but other times the price difference is minimal and you might want to upgrade. Also, some flights only offer one or the other. You never know though when you may be able to upgrade without spending much more money.

Which airlines are offering the best deals on business class airfare?

Depending on where you're going, you'll likely find that certain airlines are offering business class travel specials to your destination. Check out travel websites such as Expedia or Travelocity to quickly find business-class deals for wherever you're planning to go. You can also compare deals for premium economy and first-class tickets.

Do these business-class seats lay flat for better rest?

Lay-flat seats are huge benefits of business-class travel, but never assume your flight has this luxurious style of seating. Before booking your tickets, get confirmation from your airline whether your flight will have this benefit. Lay-flat seats are especially beneficial for international flights or coast-to-coast domestic flights.

Is seating in this flight's business section side-by-side or solo?

Travelers often pay more for first- or business-class airfare because they don't want to be squeezed in with other people. However, not all business-class seating is solo seating. Ask your airline about seat layouts before buying tickets.

What kinds of amenities are offered with this business-class airfare?

If you're paying for business class, then you should expect to receive more than just a plush seat. Ask about meal services, drink services, Wi-fi connectivity, entertainment devices, in-flight movies and other benefits that could sweeten the deal of paying more for business-class airfare.

Is every seat on this flight an isle seat?

Some larger planes have business-class sections where the seating is arranged in such away that everyone is next to an isle. The benefit here is there's never any need to squeeze by anyone -- and, likewise, nobody will need to squeeze by you. Whether you crave more privacy or more peaceful rest, this is a great benefit when it's available. Of course, this is a moot point if business-class seating is individual seating.

Do business-class passengers have any benefits in the airline terminal?

The benefits of business-class airfare usually start when you get to the airport. You'll often have the choice of shorter, expedited lines for registering luggage and going through security. Prior to getting on your plane, you may have access to a terminal lounge where you can relax until boarding your flight. And after you land, you'll be among the first to leave the plane. These are great benefits for people who must travel frequently.

Can my business-class tickets be cancelled or moved?

Different airlines have different policies for cancelling or moving business-class travel dates. Ask your airlines about this before buying tickets, and make sure to be aware of important dates after which cancelling or changing plans may not be an option without paying a penalty.