Essential oil diffusers can give bursts of energy to our well-being. The beauty of experience comes from our senses and our eyes offer one of the most powerful tools. However, in addition to vision people use sound, taste, touch, and smell to make sense of the world. Smell provides one of the most powerful ways to trigger our memories, relax our mind, and can even create a negative experience too (we've all likely smelled rancid milk). Smell can both protect us from potential harm or bring us back comfortable memories of grandma's cooking. The use of incense and other perfumes have been around for centuries in both daily and spiritual routines. Essential oils can capture wonderful odors and a diffuser will catapult those smells across a room. Understanding essential oil diffusers and how to use them can transform your experience in a specific space.

What diffuser is available at Vitruvi?

The Vitruvi Stone Diffuser offers 90ml size and has an optional light, available at their website. This sleek carved stone is unobtrusive and comes in calming colors to blend into the environment. It's priced at $119 and is designed to not only function well but to be a sculptural focal point in the room. It is a great addition to any home or office and will pierce the senses by delivering a memorable odor, contributing to a positive experience.

Is there a most powerful type or recommended diffuser process?

There are many different types of diffusers, but it's important to note that some will utilize water and heat and others use an atomizer to emanate particles into the air. Both will fill the room with notes from the essential oils; however, the atomizer are typically thought to be the more powerful or higher quality diffusers.

Will my home begin to smell bad after using a diffuser?

Diffusers will not cause a negative odor to develop in a space after using it. However, if the room had a bad odor caused by mold, mildew, or something else a diffuser will not eliminate the root of the problem. When using the diffuser it might masked the bad smell, so when you stop using it.

 Does a diffuser come with oils or do I have to buy separately?

Yes, it's possible to purchase a starter kit. The package by Rocky Mountain Oils offers a nice starter kit with ultrasonic diffuser and oils. Priced at under $50 at $45.95 this will offer variety of scents to experience - it comes with peppermint, tea tree, lemon, orange, lavender, and rosemary.

How do I pick the right essential oils to use in a diffuser?

The Rocky Mountain Oils variety pack is the way to go if you don't know what you like yet. A person must smell first hand and pick an oil they enjoy. You might discover some scents are more agreeable during the day while others are better at night.

How often should I use an essential oil diffuser?

Many people enjoy using daily and have a routine when arriving at home and leaving for the day. This way it's consistent and fills a home.

 Do diffusers offer different modes?

If you're looking for something more advanced with different modes, there are some diffusers with soothing LED colors. Amazon offers cool 3D Firework glass work models that are really groovy with bursts of colors on display. These models come with automatic shut-off, bamboo base, and act as a night light too. If you're seeking something different and that offers a visual experience, for $32.99 it's a value that's hard to beat.