Charging your phone with a cord can be a hassle at times and plugging your phone in and removing it again and a again can really wear your phone out fast. When the USB or lighting cable port gets loose, that's a fix that could cost you hundreds of dollars. There are options however that can help make it easier and faster to charge your phone without charging cables. Charging cases, lightning chargers, and wireless charging stations are all technology of today and are great for those that want easy, wireless charging. These charging stations work for a range of different phones, phone types, phone models, and phone varieties and are prefect for the home with multiple devices that want to charge in one simple place. Here are some questions that you might have about wireless chargers and a bit about different chargers that may work for you.

Do Chargers have to be the Same Brand as the Phone?

Your wireless charger does not have to be the same brand as the phone that you are charging. In most cases, these wireless chargers are going to work if your phone is outfitted with the chip that pairs the phone to the charger. These chargers often come with a case or a chip that is secured to your battery that then communicates with the charger to charge the battery and help make sure your phone is fully charged. You can get unbranded chargers like the Native Union drop wireless Charger for $60.

Are Wireless Chargers Expensive?

Wireless chargers are going to be as expensive as their capabilities. If they are very large and can have more than one phone at a time it may cost more than it would if you had a smaller charger. You can get compact wireless chargers like the Apple Mophine wireless charging base for only $39.95.

Are There Fast Wireless Chargers?

There are some wireless chargers that are marketed as lightning chargers and the Samsung 9W Fast Charge is a great choice. This charger is a quick charge charging base that only costs $24.99 and is great for those that want a charging base that is going to get the job done fast and efficiently.

Are There Wireless Chargers for your car?

There are wireless charging options for your car and the wireless charging Magnetmount is a great example. This charger is only $49.99 and can be mounted in your car so you can wirelessly charge your phone on the go and get your phone charged and mounted in your car.

Are there Wireless Chargers Under $20?

There are tons of affordable wireless chargers out there and the Ultra Slim Qi Wireless Charging Pad is a great example. This wireless charger is only $10.99 and it works with any wireless charging enabled devices. This is a great option if you want more than one charger and do not want to spend a fortune.

Are there thin Wireless Chargers?

There are ultra-thin options when it comes to wireless chargers and the Super Thin Wireless charger for iPhone and Android is a great example. This charger is super thin and has a 10% off coupon on the site right now. This charger is only $49.00.

Are there Wireless Chargers that work through phone Cases?

There are some great options when it comes to chargers that work through cases and the Belkin Boost Up Wireless charger is a good option. This charger can charge through nearly any case that is 3mm thick or less and is a good deal as well for only $49.95.

Are there Pretty Wireless Chargers?

There are some great chargers that look more like art than a wireless phone charger. The Fashion Qi Charger in Golden Jade Marble is a great example. This charger is only $59.99 and is a beautiful charger that is stunning and perfect to add to any home without it looking like a charger.