Lecterns are valuable for conferences, trade shows, graduations and other events where keynote speeches will be made. With today's technology, lecterns are no longer just something to stand behind and rest your papers on. Now, you can control audio and video equipment directly from the lectern, allowing you to present multi-media speeches that are elegant and seamless. Couple these high-end lecterns with the vast array of available styles, and suddenly choosing a new lectern isn't as simple as buying the cheapest option - especially if you work for a large company. When you do begin shopping, look at retailers such as office depot and staples; they specialize in office furniture and equipment and will have a greater selection. Ask the following questions to find the lectern that's best for you.

What material is this lectern made from?

Nowadays, there are lecterns made from wood, metal, and glass. Each material has its own pros and cons. Also, the material will determine how heavy the lectern is. Consider this if it will be moved around quite a bit.

That technology is included in it?

If you are going to be having a presentation where the speaker will have sound and picture slides, it is good to give the speaker complete control over this equipment; and that can be done through the lectern. You can have a whole computer set up inside the lectern that controls everything in the room, including the lights.

Will the stand need to be adjustable?

If you will need to adjust the lectern to fit the speakers, you will need to go with a metal option. You are able to move these up and down by a small telescoping pole. However, these are usually small and reserved for musicians.

Will it need to be portable?

If you need your lectern to be able to be moved around, there are some that come with wheels attached. Also, the weight of the lectern will come into consideration. Most lecterns require two people to be moved. Purchase according to your needs.

Is the lectern noisy?

Though it seems like a silly thing to test, there is nothing that kills a speech worse than a noisy lectern. Test it for squeaks and crackling noises before purchasing. These noises are usually found in wooden lecterns.

How big is the top of the lectern?

To a speaker, having enough room for all of your notes and material to fit on the lectern is invaluable. Not having to stack your notes on a small lectern allows for a more even flowing presentation without having to stop to search for notes.

Does the lectern offer storage?

For some events, and organizations, there are certain materials that need to be ready at a moment's notice. These materials are usually kept in the lectern to be grabbed by the pastor/leader. Ensure you have enough space to not cause clutter and lead to being unorganized.

Does it hold a microphone?

With the use of wireless technology in microphones expanding, lecterns rarely include a microphone stand in the anymore. If this is something you require, you will need to ask for it specifically.