[AD:foo]Folding chairs can be cheap furniture for your home office or audience seating at your outdoor wedding; stacking chairs can adorn your deck or patio during the warmer times of year, then be stored in the garage or closet when the weather cools off. There are many uses for folding and stacking chairs, as well as many styles of portable chairs to choose from. Shopping for folding chairs is simple if all you need is an aluminum folding chair for the office. However, if you want something more durable or decorative, then you could consider plastic or wooden chairs or even chair and table sets. Asking the following questions can help you find the portable chairs you need. Consider price, the use of materials and the style of furniture you want when comparing folding or stacking chairs.

Should I buy or rent folding chairs for my special event?

If you own some kind of business, there may be some value in owning a set of folding or stacking chairs. However, if you're getting folding chairs for a wedding, dinner party or some other special event, then you may have very limited need for them. Being able to rent folding chairs is great for those who only need seating for a very limited time, but purchasing cheap folding chairs might be better for business or companies with large numbers of employees. Church groups and civic organizations may also benefit from buying instead of renting.

Should I get aluminum folding chairs?

Aluminum folding chairs are great for indoor office settings. They're somewhat comfortable, they fold and stack easily, and they last for a very long time. Unfortunately, they're not very decorative, but people can buy slip covers if they want something more than just metal seating. Aluminum folding chairs aren't good for the outdoors, and there are better options anyway for people in need of patio furniture. Folding chairs are also affordable alternatives for temporary event seating.

How about wood folding chairs?

Wood folding chairs are much more decorative and higher quality than aluminum chairs. In addition to folding seats, wood stacking chairs are also easily stored and look just as nice in the yard or on the patio. Wood chairs are inefficient for office environments, but they're great for the outdoors during the spring and summer. Wooden chairs tend to be more expensive than other options, but they have a style that's hard to replicate.

Which features can indicate a sturdy folding lawn chair?

Folding lawn chairs are great for camping, the beach or the back deck. However, they've got to be durable, or you're just wasting money. When shopping for lawn chairs, pay attention to the sturdiness of the metal and also the quality of the fabric netting and cushioning. If the fabric seems flimsy and not well-fit, or if the metal seems thin and not firmly fastened, consider checking out a different model. If buying folding lawn chairs specifically for the yard, deck or patio, then another good indicator of quality is the lawn chair's cushion. If the cushion is nice and thick, then the chair is more likely to be good. If the cushion feels cheap, then the chair is also probably cheap.

What kinds of stacking chairs are ideal for a church?

If you're buying stacking or folding chairs for a church, you're going to need a large number of seats that are easily set up and taken down. Aluminum seats are probably the best bet, seeing as how they're higher quality than plastic and can be purchased in larger quantities for less money. To fill a church with wooden seats would be too expensive, and plastic chairs would be much better for outdoor use. Aluminum seats can also be used outdoors during clear weather.

Is plastic or resin better for outdoor chairs?

Plastic and resin are both good for outdoor use, but resin is superior to plastic in just about every way. Resin stacking chairs are more stylish, as the resin can be crafted to look like wood or wicker. Also, resin is resistant to the sun and rain, meaning these seats remain cool to the touch while also staying resistant to fading or cracking. Plastic outdoor chairs are fine for short-term use, but resin outdoor chairs are better for the long run, or if you have an artfully crafted deck that you'd like to complement with nice outdoor furniture.

Can folding chairs be ordered in different colors?

Most folding chair retailers let you choose the colors of your chairs. The default colors for folding or stacking chairs is usually white, brown, black or unfinished. While most retailers have predetermined colors you can choose from, some will allow you to determine your own colors for your folding furniture.

Do folding or stacking chairs take up less room?

The answer to this question depends entirely on the types of chairs you buy as well as how many of them you get. Aluminum chairs tend to take up the least amount of space when collapsed and stored, followed by wooden and plastic chairs. Folding chairs take up less space than stacking chairs, although a set of stacking chairs can also be stored without taking up too much space in the garage.

Are these chairs covered by warranty?

Stacking chairs don't have many moving parts, but folding chairs do. If your new folding chair gets bent or stuck, you want to be sure you'll be able to exchange it or get a refund. Ask your sales associate about the kinds of warranty protection offered by both the retailer and the manufacturer. You can also ask about the rate of returns to get a better idea of which folding chair models may be the most dependable of what's in stock.