[AD:foo]Deciding on a gift can be difficult, but gift baskets make the decision marginally easier. By building or ordering a gift basket to suit the person or occasion, you can gift something that is thoughtful, fun, and appealing, without having to make one large purchase that may or may not appeal. Of course, even once you decide to get someone a gift basket, there are other decisions to make, from what theme the basket should have, to how much should go into it. When ordering a gift basket, consider the following questions.

Are there any specials on gift baskets?

If you're considering ordering a gift basket, be sure to ask if the company is running any specials or sales. If there is a special being offered, you may be able to give a better gift while spending less money.

How extravagant should your gift basket be?

This is a difficult question that walks the line between what you can afford and what you feel you should give for the occasion. In general, the more singular the occasion is, the more special the gift should be. At the same time, thoughtfulness can easily replace extravagance. If you can't afford an extravagant gift basket, just put thought and care into what you can afford. 

What are some of the most popular gift basket ideas?

If you're not sure what type of gift basket you should order, consider calling a company that creates gift baskets and asking what their most popular gift baskets are. From there, you can be presented with a few easy and popular choices that are sure to please.

What should I include in a wine gift basket?

A wine gift basket can be thoughtful and much appreciated, or it can be thoughtful but... fall a little flat in the taste department. If you would like to give a wine gift basket, but only have the slightest knowledge of wine, consider visiting a specialist and asking for advice. Wine specialists can be found easily by visiting small stores that specialize in the sale of wine. Just tell them your friend's basic tastes, and they can help you assemble a wine gift basket that will suit the person and the occasion.

Can a gourmet gift basket be customized?

When you create a gourmet gift basket yourself, you can put in anything you like. Many companies can similarly customize when creating gourmet gift baskets. If you choose to buy a gift basket, rather than assemble one, then consider visiting the company's website, or calling them on the phone, to see if the contents can be customized according to the receiver's tastes.

Should you make or buy themed gift baskets?

Gift baskets can be a thoughtful way to mark special occasions, and building them around a theme can be fun and festive. Once you have decided on giving a festive gift basket, the question remains as to whether you should make or order it. Often, this question can be answered simply by calling the companies in your area that make and/or deliver gift baskets to see if they are willing to make a creation that aligns with the occasion. For example, some companies may have experience making Christmas gift baskets, but be unsure what to put into baby gift baskets. If you can find a pre-made gift basket at a reasonable price, then go ahead and invest. If you feel like making your own gift basket, then put your own spin on your festive gift!

Where can I order gift baskets?

There are companies that specialize in creating and delivering gift baskets. If you aren't aware of any where you live, you can easily find them online (where you can likely also place your order). These companies aren't the only places that provide gift baskets. You may also find gift baskets in, or request them from, specialty shops, spas, or even some grocery stores.

Should I have a gift basket delivered, or deliver it myself?

Whether you should have a basket delivered or deliver it yourself depends on the occasion. If you have been invited to festivities, then bring the gift basket with you. If you want to surprise someone at home or at work with a gift, then have it sent.