Turn your backyard into your very own water park! Inflatable water slides are fun for kids of every age, keeping them cool and active during the summer months. Inflatable water slides work just like bounce houses in that they fill with air providing a giant inflatable playground for kids. Add some water and you got yourself an inflatable water slide that can provide hours of fun in the backyard. Take it down when the kids aren't using it and set it up again in no time. Inflatable water slides are great for kids' parties or any other occasion. While you can rent them, purchasing one can be a great investment, especially if you like to see your kids get outside more. Read on to learn more about how to setup an inflatable water slide and some of the different types available.

Use an electric motor to fill the water slide with air in a flat area. Most water slides feature a tarp so you can put it on grass, and it stays secure with some kind of nails or stakes at the corners. Roll out the water slide and be sure to close any flaps where air can escape. Add air through an inflation tube that connects to the motor. You'll probably need extension cords to plug the motor into your home outlet. Inflating should only take about 5 minutes unless it's a larger slide. You'll need to provide continuous airflow when in use. After that, you may need to install a water system that feeds water, from a hose, through a tube. Otherwise, there is at least a pool of water at the end of the slide, and as kids use it, the slide gets more wet and slippery and they can make a big splash at the bottom. To deflate, undo the deflation flaps, wait and then roll it back up.

One type of water slide that is cheap and fun for kids is the jump and slide setup which usually requires no electric motor to operate. This type of inflatable slide lays flat and has a pool at the end. Kids can get a running start and slide down the pathway and slide straight into the pool. One example is the HearthSong Inflatable Water Slide on Amazon for only $69.98. All you need to do is attach a hose and the pool will fill with water and holes will spritz out water onto the slide. The Intex Surf 'N Slide Inflatable Play Center for $60.09 provides a small incline for smaller children and comes with surf riders with handles. It also requires no electricity to keep inflated and connects with a hose.

If you have older kids, you are going to want a steeper slide design. The BANZAI Sidewinder Falls Inflatable Water Slide at Amazon features a climbing area to get up the slide, while the water slide curves into a shallow pool of water. It is available on Amazon for $486.59. The Banzai Pipeline Twist Aqua Park features different sizes of slides to accommodate kids of different ages. It also features two built-in water cannons. This slide includes an electric motor and hose attachment. It is $699.99 on Amazon. The Kahuna Twin Peaks Kids Inflatable Splash Pool Backyard Water Slide Park for $449.99 features two slides of the same side, a water cannon and a jet that sprays water from the top. Two basketball hoops offer extra activities for kids.

But these are just some of the options available. Check out Amazon and other online stores for more options and find a water slide that fits your budget.