Are you in search of a hotel room for a vacation or business trip, or perhaps you just need a room for a weekend out of town? Booking the right hotel rooms can be the difference in your travels being memorable or forgettable. Room pricing is just one factor to consider when booking hotels; savvy travelers must also consider amenities, hotel services, checkout times and other factors. Having a fitness center in your hotel can help during busy business trips, while getting a room with a large tub can be just the thing for a romantic weekend without the kids. Even the location of your hotel in relation to other tourist attractions can help you do more with your free time. Be sure to ask the right questions when booking hotel rooms for your travel plans and discover the 3 best ways to score amazing deals on hotel rooms.

Are there any hotel discounts for guests who are part of hosted events?

Find out if there are any conventions, workshops or other events happening where you are staying. Then, go to the front desk and mention that you are part of that event and ask about available room discounts. You can also say you need a large, quiet room for getting your work done, which may help you get a better room. Always remember to tip the front desk worker, too.

Are there hotels available near an airport?

Hotels located near airports are more likely to have low-occupancy nights, and they'll offer discounted rates to get people in their rooms. Even if no rates are offered directly by the hotels, try looking on discount travel Web sites such as PriceLine to find special rates. Keep in mind that many airport hotels offer shuttle services heading to nearby downtown areas and tourist destinations.

Are AAA or AARP discounts available?

If you are a member of either of these popular organizations, ask the customer service desk of the hotel where you're booking a reservation if any discounts are available. Special rates for people with these memberships are typically lower than the standard best available rates.

Are there any online booking specials?

Before making any reservations, always visit the Web sites of hotels you were considering and check for short-term Internet specials. It's common for hotels to offer special rates that they only advertise on their Web sites.

Do you have any good deals you can offer me?

Be pleasant with the customer service staff and then ask this specific question. You'll be surprised how often this direct, nicely worded question results in getting a better rate.

Will you match this other rate I found?

Check out rates being offered on travel destination Web sites, and then call some hotels directly and ask if they'd be willing to match those rates. Many hotels will not only match those rates, but they may even give you a room upgrade to ensure they get your business.

What are the best ways to save on hotel rooms.

There are plenty of ways. The top 3 ways to score amazing deals on hotel rooms are: 1: Use membership programs and special offers. Groups like AAA, AARP or even loyalty memberships can help you save up to 15%. 2: Time your trip for savings. One of the easiest ways to trim your travel budget is to go off-season. 3: In some cases, haggling can help you save a lot as well. It's important to stay tactful and pay a fair price, but haggling can be really beneficial. For example, "I'd really like to stay here but $100 a night is a bit higher than my budget allows. Would you consider dropping the rate to $75 a night?" I have used that one before and it worked allowing me to save $25 a night on my room!