[AD:top]Memory foam mattresses incorporate technology made for NASA to offer a restful combination of comfort and support. More dense than standard foam mattresses and softer than innerspring mattresses, memory foam mattresses conform to the unique shapes of the people who use them, greatly reducing pressure points that can cause aches and pains over long periods of time. The top 3 brands of memory foam mattresses according to consumer reviews and various publications are Tempur-Pedic, Sealy and Serta. Mattresses with memory foam tend to be more expensive than other kinds of mattresses, but they can be incredibly beneficial for people in need of more restful sleep. Asking the right questions can help you find the new memory foam mattress that's right for you.

Should I get a Tempur-Pedic or Serta memory foam pillow?

Overall, there are very few differences between Tempur-Pedic and Serta memory foam pillows. Consider your sleep position, your budget and the firmness of different pillows when making your decision. Both of these companies are known for their high-quality memory foam products.

Which memory foam mattresses are within my budget?

When shopping for a new mattress, always  make sure to let the sales staff know if you're working with a tight budget, so they can show you the most affordable mattress that meets your needs. Shopping specials and sales may also allow you to get a higher-end mattress at a discount, so always ask about any deals or promotions that may apply to your purchase. Many mattress stores offer top-of-the-line mattresses, such as Sealy, Serta and Tempurpedic, at discounted prices at the end of the year, when new mattress lines are introduced, so try shopping later in the year for the best deals.

Should I shop for memory foam mattress toppers instead?

Memory foam mattress toppers are essentially mattress pads that sit on top of traditional mattresses. For people who want to explore the benefits of memory foam without going all-in on a new mattress -- or for people whose mattresses simply aren't old enough to justify replacing -- memory foam mattress toppers provide good alternatives that are often hundreds of dollars cheaper.

Should I buy a full size mattress or queen size mattress?

Most premier mattress brands, such as Serta and Tempurpedic, offer a variety of mattress sizes to choose from, depending on your needs, but deciding which size to buy can be tricky. If you're on a budget and suffer from frequent aches and pains, you may want to consider sizing down slightly in order to get a better, smaller mattress for the same price you'd pay for a lower-quality queen size mattress. Talk to the sale staff at your local mattress store to find out which size mattress will suit your needs and budget best.

Which Posturepedic mattress is best for lower back pain?

Sealy makes several types of Posturepedic mattress to choose from, all designed to offer maximum support and comfort for a restful night's sleep. Sealy Posturepedic pillows are also available, for added comfort. If you suffer from lower back pain, you'll want to make sure the Posturepedic mattress you choose is right for your needs. When shopping for your new mattress, try several different Posturepedic mattresses and ask the sales staff which they recommend for easing lower back pain.

What are the differences between various models of memory foam pillows?

When shopping for memory foam pillows, you'll find the shapes of each model to be their most noticeable differences. Some of these pillows are shaped like regular pillows, while others are more uniquely shaped to fit the curves of your head and neck. You can also find longer pillows that provide full-body support for people who sleep mostly on their sides. Be sure to check the rating of each memory foam product to get an idea of its firmness (1 is the least firm and 20 is the firmest). Also, some memory foam pillows contain gels to keep sleepers cool and comfy through the night.

Is a hybrid mattress right for me?

Several hybrid mattresses are now on the market, offering consumers the firmness of a spring mattress combined with the added comfort and support of memory foam. The Sealy hybrid mattress is one of the more popular hybrid mattresses available, but many other brands have come out with their own hybrid mattresses as well, making it easy to find the right mattress at just about any price point. Visit your local mattress store to try out several mattresses before you buy, and make sure ask the sales staff any questions you may have about the advantages and disadvantages of hybrid mattresses.

Should I get a California king mattress or a standard king-size mattress?

A California king mattress is longer than a regular king-size mattress but not quite as wide. A regular king bed is 76 inches wide and 80 inches long, while a California king is 72 inches wide but 84 inches long. The California king mattress is wide enough for two people and more accommodating for tall people.

Should we get a Tempur-Pedic mattress?

Tempur-Pedic mattresses have become increasingly popular over the years, with claims of unsurpassed comfort and quality. Buying a Tempur-Pedic mattress won't be your most inexpensive option, however, so carefully consider whether it's the mattress you really want. Talk to your partner and the sales staff, as well, to determine whether Tempur-Pedic is the best option for you, or if another mattress suits your needs and budget more closely. A great online deal right now is the Tempur-Pedic adjustable base mattress set. Right now, customers who apply online for the Tempur-Pedic Credit Card with their mattress set purchase can get 60 months of 0 percent APR financing.

Which Serta memory foam mattress is best for my budget?

Serta is one of the nation's top producers of memory foam mattresses, and the company offers four different lines of memory foam products. Some of Serta's more expensive memory foam mattresses use a gel foam technology rather than standard memory foam. The Serta iComfort mattresses tend to be the most expensive, with the Perfect Elements mattresses being on the "low" end of Serta's price range. Within these ranges, you'll need to try out mattresses for yourself to find the model that is most comfortable. Right now, people who buy Serta PerfectSleeper foam mattress sets online can instantly save $100.

Which Sealy foam mattress is a good deal right now?

The Sealy foam Upbeat mattress is a great deal. Regularly priced at more than $650, online customers can now get this mattress for less than $400! This mattress ships with a 120-night comfort guarantee, although comfort shouldn't be an issue with Sealy's MoistureProtect technology and ComfortLoft cover. With a gel memory foam base and great built-in support, this is a high-quality mattress with an online deal you don't want to miss.