Homes full of stuff become homes full of clutter when organizational resources are not used to keep items in order. A home with small children means a house full of toys, clothes and craft projects. When the mementos of day-to-day life start to seem less like treasures and more like a burden, it's time to invest in new solutions for keeping things tidy. From shelves to bins and customizable closet configurations, a variety of solutions exist in different price ranges to help streamline the most chaotic spaces. Ask these questions when searching for home organizational resources.

What is the best way to get started when junk is overwhelming?

If junk is taking over, place every item without a designated place in a room in a pile on the floor. Determine if the item belongs in the room, belongs in the trash or needs to be organized. Donate or throw away unneeded things, and stage keepers in a large basket, such as the Twillery Company Tall Water Hyacinth Basket, available at Wayfair for $38.99, until a permanent solution is created.

What are the best one-shop stops for starting an organizational overhaul?

Home Depot and Ikea and websites like Wayfair offer a variety of storage systems for a home revamp. At Home Depot, a simple shelf like the Walker Edison Furniture Company X-Frame at $145.86 is 26 inches tall, a height perfect for safe access to children's toys stashed in bins. Larger units, such as the Hampton Bay White Open 5-Shelf Bookcase for $81.75 offer easy access to baskets for blankets and books on the bottom shelf while offering display space at its higher shelves.

Is investing in one storage unit best or several small ones?

Large storage units with multiple configurations, such as the IKEA Algot system with upright shelves at $182, are a great option for apartments or small homes with limited access to space. These units fit unique spaces like under a staircase or form a wall-to-wall solution in a living area. For a large house, different rooms may be better suited by various storage options, such as rods for clothing, shelves for baskets, and baskets for linens.

How are little toys and supplies best stored?

Bins and small plastic containers are best for storing small items. The IKEA Kuggis Storage Box costs $6.99 in a medium size and features a lid to keep tiny items contained. Chose an opaque option for particular cluttered containers. For main rooms of the home, a fabric bin such as the ClosetMaid Decorative Storage unit at $9.99 at Wayfair offers an opportunity to make organizational elements a colorful part of home decor.

Which containers hold up the best with regular use?

Plastic bins or cloth containers with reinforced sides stand up to routine removal from storage units while canvas bins are easily scrubbed if dirty hands leave fingerprints behind. The Honey Can Do Line at Home Depot features a three-size Nested Canvas Bin Set for $37. A bright color, such as purple, will help hide basic wear between cleanings.

What is the best way to save projects in progress?

A storage shelf with short shelves is the best option for storing art and craft projects. The Paper and Puzzle 10-Compartment Cubby costs $299 at Wayfair and features smaller shelves for sliding projects in for easy access later. Paintbrushes, knitting needles and sketching paper can easily store in zippered bags on the same shelf to keep materials together.

How can clothes be stored neatly with easy access?

Shelving systems like the Pax wardrobe at IKEA for $897 and the SuiteSymphony 120-inch closet system for $147 at Wayfair feature a mixture of rods and shelves to maximize space. Double-layered rods allow two rows of shorter garments, such as shirts, to hang stacked while dresses and suits share a single rod. Center shelves provide streamlined storage for shoes and bags, eliminating the need for stacking items.

Which stores have the best deals on organizational tools?

When shopping online, Wayfair offers regular low prices on many furniture solutions and delivers many options for free. Home Depot routinely offers sales on items both in store and online. For the bargain conscious, retailers like Bed, Bath & Beyond will carry basics like bins and frequently release 20 percent off coupons via email.

When there is a place for everything, everything can be in its place. With all of the fun ways to get organized, there is no excuse for keeping a cluttered home.