Get ready to hit the lake or beach this summer with the top stand up paddleboards. Stand up paddleboards are an incredibly fun way to play on the water while also providing you with a full-body workout. The way it works is that you keep your balance on the paddleboard, standing at full height. This allows you to see far into the horizon and really enjoy the beauty of the water. Then you paddle just like in a canoe or boat to move forward. To get started, you need a paddle, a vest for safety, some clothes that allow plenty of mobility, sun protection, and of course, the paddleboard. But selecting a paddleboard is not going to be easy if you've never done it before. With that said, you are going to want to do some shopping around. For tips on finding a suitable paddleboard, read on to learn more.

It's important to know that there are different kinds of stand up paddleboards. Inflatable paddleboards are inflated with a hand pump which ca take up to 10 minutes to do. They are very light and surprisingly durable but of course not as durable as a solid piece. The Atom Surf Atom Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board at Amazon is only $230.63, and is one of the best inflatable boards. If you have limited storage space at home or want to take it traveling, this is the best option. Composite boards are designed with a foam core and laminated with materials like bamboo, carbon, fiberglass, Kevlar, wood and other materials which you can find at retailers like Cruiser SUP. Overall, Composite boards are going to give you better performance but if storage is a problem, they aren't going to be a practical option.

Nevertheless, if you are interested in a stand up paddle board, you need to be aware of the different styles. All-around paddleboards are the most stable option, suitable for the lake, river or the ocean under small surf conditions. Get the iROCKER ALL-AROUND Wide Inflatable SUP Package for $479 at iROCKER. Women's boards, like the Cruiser SUP Bliss Paddle Board Package for $895) are smaller in design and lightweight, but other than that, are basically like any other board. The touring paddleboard is designed for longer distances, while surf paddleboards, like the Bestway 65055 Inflatable Hydro-Force Wave Edge ($169.99 at Walmart), allow you to face up against waves. Fitness paddle boards such as the Boardworks Verve Stand Up Paddle Board ($999.73 at REI) allow you to do pushups, stretch or even do yoga (like the Atom Surf board). Fishing paddle boards are wider and provide greater stability to accommodate you and all your fishing gear.

If you are a beginner, you are going to want a board that is wide and longer so that it is more stable and you can stand without tipping over. Cruiser SUP beginner paddleboards are on sale as low as $745 on the Cruiser SUP website. Kids boards also have great stability but are slightly smaller in size. You can also find some as low as $745 on their website. Find more paddleboards for the whole family at Cruiser SUP, or check out any of the boards mentioned above online at the specified retailer.