People who travel with their families for the holidays or vacations often experience the ordeal of flying with the baby. When babies sleep through their flights, all is well; however, this is far from the norm. In-flight babies often erupt into fits of crying and fussiness, leaving overwhelmed parents to deal with their flailing children as well as the dirty looks of other passengers. There are things people can do to make traveling with their very young passengers much easier. Airline providers also have policies in place to regular flying with a baby. These policies exist for the benefit of everyone on board.

Is my baby old enough to fly?

Babies can fly when they're extremely young. Most airlines state babies can fly if they are at least seven days old. Just check with your airline ahead of time to make sure.

Does my baby need a separate plane ticket?

Most airlines allow babies under the age of 2 to fly free if they sit on their parents' laps. Ask your airline if you need to bring proof of your baby's age in order to avoid paying the ticket fee.

If the flight isn't full, can I put my baby in the seat next to me with a booster seat for free?

The safest way for a baby to travel in a plane is in a booster seat in his or her own seat. If you bring a booster seat onboard, you may be able to put your baby in his own seat with the booster seat without having to pay the full ticket price. However, check with your airline ahead of time so you don't inadvertently cause your travel costs to skyrocket.

Are there discount tickets for babies to have their own seats?

Some airline companies offer discounts for parents who want to reserve seats so their babies can sit in booster seats. Ask your airline. This is a great option for parents who are worried about carrying their young children on their laps.

Can we be seated in a row with extra oxygen masks?

Some rows on airplanes have additional oxygen masks. Ask to be seated in one of those rows.

How can I keep my baby occupied and calm during a plan trip?

Ask your pediatrician what steps you can take to ensure your baby is comfortable and happy for the duration of the trip. This will save frustration for everyone involved, especially on long flights! 

How do I pack my baby's carry-on essentials?

Don't let yourself get caught up in security because of things you're bringing on the plane for your baby. Be familiar with all of the TSA regulations about how fluids and foods can be stored, and make sure you're aware of how airlines handle diaper changes, strollers and other things parents with babies must worry about.

Can I be seated in the back?

If you're traveling with a baby, there are a few good reasons to sit in the back of the plane. First, you'll be right next to the restrooms and changing stations. Second, your baby is less likely to be an annoyance to other passengers if it starts acting out. Third, you don't need to worry about leaving the airplane until everyone else has left, which makes things much easier when having to care for an infant. Ask for a rear seat when buying your ticket. If none are available, then ask the flight attendant when boarding, and the attendant may be able to organize a switch with whoever has those seats.